#PMChallenge - OnePlus Nub

  1. gozz.kesshell
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2019

    gozz.kesshell , Feb 7, 2019 :
    Problem definition:

    New navigation gestures for OnePlus are excellent. I am, and a lot of users love it and forget about that useless buttons at the bottom. But as it turns out, customizing those buttons were the only way to pull notification bar when you use some app conveniently by one hand. On my previous phone, this was not a problem as I was able to use fingerprint reader on the back to pull down the notification bar. Which is not an option on current 6/6t.
    So every day I have to do a hand tricks during my commutes to use basic features of the phone, which also increases the probability of phone being fallen off and damaged.

    Proposed functions:

    A little red nub at the center of the left side of the screen which helps to use OnePlus phones one-handed. By default, pulling the nub down across the edge will bring notifications bar down, pulling to the center of the screen will lock the phone, pulling up will launch Google assistant.
    The nub will be turning on or off through the toggle in a notification bar.
    By long press, you will be able to drag it to the other side or move across the edge to adjust its verticle position.

    OnePlus_Nub_Interaction.jpg OnePlus_Nub.jpg OnePlus_Nub_Interaction.jpg OnePlus_Nub_how-to.jpg OnePlus_Nub_trigger.jpg

    Customization will be through settings under "Buttons and gestures" menu. It will include:
    • action on pulling up (list of actions is same to navigation bar customization with the addition to launch an app )
    • action on pulling to the center
    • action on pulling down
    • customization
      • color
      • transparency
    Who are the users:
    • All users who are using new gestures and uncomfortable not to have the ability to use the phone one-handed safely.
    • Users who came from others platform and feeling uncomfortable with missing a convenient way to get your notifications.
    • Users with small hands that want to use the full capabilities of the phone anywhere anytime.

    User value:
    • A new way to operate essential functions of the phone in a single-handed case, which slightly increases user experience and confidence in the phone.
    • A new way to launch an application faster-then-ever.
    Competing solution:
    1. iOS with AssistiveTouch: more features, but more touches to get what you need;[​IMG]
    2. Meizu SmartTouch. Great solution, but not in an OxygenOS visual style. My proposal should be easier to implement and operate.
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