#PMChallenge Overview and Manage App Permissions in Real Time, Temporary Permissions

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    Eclair Feb 4, 2019

    pasztorlaszlo , Feb 4, 2019 :
    Dear OnePlus,

    The Permission system of Android is not perfect. It gets better and better in every new versions, but still not perfect. Sometimes too many app permissions are requested and granted (accessing to the contacts via a flash light app...), what can lead to leaking the user data to a 3rd-party app or service.

    Being able to provide a perfectly working solution what can protect the privacy and the personal data of the customers can be a huge selling point and can gain heavy trust towards the company.

    Using the given Android basics you should update the how your system handles the permissions.
    First of all, it should be displayed in real time, which permissions are in use, and which apps are using them. The user could easily get this information from the status bar or from the notification panel, review it, and when necessary, modify the app permissions.

    Also a problematic part about permissions that the apps can collect your data at any time, even when the user is not using them. For some apps these are essential, because they need these data as well - but we, the customers should decide for which apps we let to do that.

    When these serious permission-related problems could be cured by OnePlus, that could gain heavy trust towards the company, because the customers would know, when they use your products, their data and privacy will be protected - in a new level.

    Who are the users?
    Every single OnePlus-user. Data privacy and manageable, real-time permission overview for everyone!

    What is the proposed function?
    1. Overview and Manage App Permissions in Real Time: The app permissions (Contacts, Location, Camera, Microphone etc.) what are currently being used are collected, grouped and listed. The user can easily overview this information displayed in the status bar, reachable from the notification panel, and manage all of them one by one. If the user is not happy that a given app is using a permission, simply 1) select the permission type, 2) select the application which is using it, 3) revoke the permission from that application.

    2. Temporary Permissions: When installing an app or running the app for the first time, the user can set an option to grant only temporary permissions for that application. When launching the app, the allowed permissions will be granted for that app, everything will work normally, but when exiting the app, the system will block all permissions from that app until it's re-launched. As soon as the app is launched again, the given permissions will be usable again for the app, but only for the time of running.
    What is the user value?
    Data privacy. No more worries, which app using which permissions, what's happening in the background - full control over permissions. Securing user and data privacy is becoming more and more important for everyone, and when not well handled, can lose trust (Facebook).

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    Android Q may bring something similar. But you shouldn't wait and rely on somebody else. You should and can protect the privacy all of your current customers right now in this new level. And your customers will be happy, and you will gain more customers because of it.
    Also, there may be some 3rd-party alternatives - but who would trust fully in a 3rd-party app to protect them from 3rd-party apps? Probably nobody. But when this kind of protection level is built right into the systems, into OxygenOS - well, you are the winner in this segment as well.

    Include directions and details via diagram sketches. Draw each screen and show the flow from screen to screen.

    Overview of app permission in real time, small info bar:
    PMChallenge - Overview and Manage App Permissions in Real Time, Temporary Permissions Small.jpg

    Expanding the info bar:
    PMChallenge - Overview and Manage App Permissions in Real Time, Temporary Permissions Expanded.jpg

    Detailed view of the real-time permission information:
    PMChallenge - Overview and Manage App Permissions in Real Time, Temporary Permissions Detailed.jpg

    Temporary permissions:
    PMChallenge - Overview and Manage App Permissions in RT, Temporary Permissions Temporary_upd1.jpg

    Best regards,
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