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  1. Elliro
    The Showcase Reviewer Feb 18, 2019

    Elliro , Feb 18, 2019 :
    My entry for the #PMChallenge is what I would like to call pixel saving mode. This is a mode which is common in custom ROMs for devices with amoled screens (here dubbed “smart pixels”), and there is an app (pixel filter) on Google play which achieves the same thing with a screen overlay.

    In this mode the phone would, on a system level, turn off a select percentage of pixels completely. In my testing with custom ROMs, the sweet spot seems to be about 50%. As I said, enabling this mode would the turn off 50% of the screen pixels completely. This will give you a slightly dimmer screen and some jagged edges if you look closely, but will still leave the user with a comfortable viewing experience. In my testing i only saw a difference when toggling it, and later completely forgetting i turned it on, as the effect was subtle enough for me not to notice it at all, while massively reducing battery drain.

    The user base for this will be split into two groups: The first group will enjoy the power saving benefits of this, and leave it on all the time, to get extra screen on time. The second group will probably only have it on during power saving mode, when their battery is about to run out. This is why a toggle to automatically turn it on while in power saving mode, as well as a quick settings toggle would be a good idea.

    As I mentioned, existing users have two ways of accessing this feature right now, and implementing it into OOS will fix both.

    The easiest way for existing users to access this is with the Pixel filter app. This works well, but there are a couple drawbacks. For the app not to be killed in the background, it has to show a persistent notification keeping it awake. This is both slightly annoying and a bit clumsy. The other big drawback is that since this app is an overlay on the screen, it is included in screenshots, which combined with the jpeg compression… not a good mix…

    The second way to access this feature now is via a custom ROM, there is a large portion of your usebase who use custom ROMs, and this is one of the compelling features making people switch. However the huge majority of people stay stock, and they will be missing out.

    Lately there have been many articles about how Oxygen OS is the best skin of android, because of it’s clever features and good implementations, almost like a custom ROM. With the OnePlus One you actually launched the device with a custom ROM. This shows a dedication to always give the users a good experience with lots of customization. Your dedication to never settle. Releasing this feature would further work to increase your standing as a different phone manufacturer and show that you remember your past in Cyanogenmod.

    Here i will post a few sketches showing my vision for what this would look like i Oxygen OS, and how it would work with the user interface.


    In the settings menu I can imagine it going something like this:

    To save battery, pixel saving mode turns off 50% of the screen pixels. This reduces battery used by the screen, while still giving you a good user experience.

    Thats all I have, and I hope this feature will see the light of day on OnePlus phones soon.

    Ellie, signing off.

    PS: I might have put a tad bit too much effort into this post. Sorry :D

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    Jelly Bean Mar 2, 2019

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    Elliro , Mar 2, 2019 :
    Thanks, means a lot!

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