#PMChallenge - "Privacy Vault"

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    Cupcake Feb 19, 2019

    G1550572376392 , Feb 19, 2019 :
    Who are the users?
    Anyone who want's an easy to use private working/storage space on their phones.

    What is the proposed function?
    There are three(mainly two) types of vault.
    1. Normal/Main Vault for storing user's private content.
    2. Camouflage/Decoy vault (Used in case, if someone forced you to open your vault).
    3. One time use Vault (For casual private content browsing).
    All these vault share's some common properties which are as mentioned below :
    • The user can initiate the privacy vault from their Home Screen, by drawing a user-defined gesture/pattern/pin/password(I think gesture is good and fast (but choose a hard one)).
    • Upon tapping the home button, the privacy vault should disappear, and shouldn't be accessible from anywhere (except drawing the required gesture from the home screen).
    • There should not be any kind of notification, like :- there is a vault and it is running in the background (As it was in Xiaomi's dual space or Android's multiple user option).
    • The user can set/add multiple instances (can be limited) of privacy vault, each with their own gestures.
    • The vault can be named.
    • The storage area for these vaults should be referred as system memory.(but can be color or percentage indicated or simply can be viewed in the main vault)
    • Any content can be moved in the vault like: Audios, images, videos, messages or a new app which may or may not be present in the normal app drawer (e.g. banking apps). The app should behave as a totally separate entity (As if they were installed on different phones).

    Setup and recovery of vault

    • Initially there must be an app or an option in settings.
    • But after setting up the vault the app or the vault should disappear.
    • In case, user forgot the gesture/pin/pattern/password. The recovery will be sent to the gmail ID.

    Moving Content In and Out of Vault:

    • While moving the content in the vault, a pop-up should ask user for the gesture, and the content should move to that vault whose gesture is provided by the user and a toast message should show the vault's name and nothing else, to notify the user of which vault the content has moved.
    • There should be an option of immediate rollback of the content in case user transferred the content to another vault.
    • The option should be visible in the above mentioned prompt, and should disappear if the user didn't provide input for 2-3 second.
    • (Otherwise the user has the option to go to that vault, move the item to normal space (outside of vault) and then again transfer it to correct vault. A lengthy process…!. That’s why the immediate rollback option.)

    What is the user value?
    User can enjoy their privacy without any hassle, by simply remembering a gesture to open their required vault without leaving their home screen. Simply tap the home button and you are at home.

    And most importantly no one knows that there is a vault, except you.

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smart phone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    As I mentioned earlier that Xiaomi's dual space and Android's multiple user option's are there but are not stealthy like this.
    And also they don't offer same usability as this idea/feature.

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    Cupcake Feb 22, 2019