#PMChallenge Smart feature in video recording mode

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    Dpakc, Feb 21, 2019 :
    Dear OnePlus,

    First of all i need to thank the OnePlus Community to come up with this kind of brainstorming open challenge(#PM Challenge). This challenge has given opportunity to showcase one's creative ideas. This challenge is a clear example that OnePlus is constantly improving their software and never compromise on technology.

    I'm an Android user, I use Android phones for my daily usage and I love the camera on OnePlus but it also lacks a feature when compared to iOS.

    The feature is "Auto Flash option in video recording mode". This might be a small feature but it enhances the video recording to the next level.

    Who are the users?
    Almost everyone.

    What is the proposed function?

    User opens the camera, selects video option by swiping to right or clicking on "VIDEO" option. The user clicks on flash option and he will be able to see 3 options i.e (1) Flash OFF (2) Auto Flash (3) Flash ON.
    1) When user selects Flash OFF, Flash should be OFF when starting the video. The flash should be OFF
    even when recording the video.
    2) When user selects Auto Flash, depending on the environment the flash should be ON or OFF i.e we can think of two scenarios (a) Before starting a video, (b) After starting a video and user is moving constantly
    (a) Before starting a video:-

    • When mobile is exposed to the bright light envirnoment, the flash should be turned OFF when starting a video.
    • When mobile is under low/no light envirnoment, the flash should be turned ON when starting a video.
    (b) After starting a video and user is a moving subject:-
    • When user is recording the video and moving from bright light envirnoment to low/no light envirnoment the device has to detect this and automatically turn ON the flash.
    • When user is recording the video and moving for low/no light envirnoment to bright light environment the device has to detect this and turn OFF the flash.
    3) When user selects Flash ON, Flash should be ON when recoding the video. The flash should be OFF even when recording the video.

    What is the user value?

    With this feature user really doesn't have to worry about turning ON or OFF flash light according to environment. The present implementation is, when recording a video, if user wants to turn ON the flash, he has to do it manually with 2 clicks i.e click on flash option and it expands and select ON and the samething has to be done to turn OFF the flash. By implementing this feature, user can get the desired functionality(turning ON or OFF manually) without interacting with the software, which makes the software SMART!!!

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    Yes, Apple devices has "Auto Flash" mode in video recording but it's not SMART i.e the Auto Flash works before starting the video and doesn't adapt according to the environment(i.e if user is moving subject, moving from bright light to low/no light environment and vice versa).

    Include directions and details via diagram sketches. Draw each screen and show the flow from screen to screen.
    Open Camera -> Swipe right or click on VIDEO -> In VIDEO, under Flash option a simple Auto flash icon has to be provided.

    ss2 video mode.jpg
    Click on Flash icon in VIDEO mode

    ss3 video mode.jpg
    When clicked on flash icon, it should show 3 options (1) FLASH OFF (2) AUTO FLASH (3) FLASH ON


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