#PMChallenge Some New Gestures from any screen

  1. dhiraj
    Donut Feb 10, 2019

    dhiraj , Feb 10, 2019 :
    Q: Who are the user's ?
    Ans: OnePlus customers.

    Q: What is proposed function?
    Ans: Adding Gestures from edge of screen or if possible directly from any screen.Person can draw a free flowing gesture anywhere on screen to do particular operation (e.g opening an app ,OR, switching to any mode i.e silent/airplane etc)

    Q: What is proposed value?
    Ans:Well it may at start look as a novelty feature but as people start using it they will definitely get addicted to it and as they start using it if this features goes on in next version as well it it would will definitely be one of reason to switch to same company and same experience .
    1: How i propose
    2:How it is currently used in resurrection remix
    a:Click on left/right edge to open gesture screen
    b: Draw gesture that you have defined for particular app(here there is no gesture to change setting)
    c:App opens
    Screenshot_MX_Player_20190210-145506[1].png Screenshot_MX_Player_20190210-145525[1].png

    Q: If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    Ans: Well it's their in resurrection remix ROM and it is one reason i go back to it again and again.It's quiet addictive and once you are used to it there is no going back.That being said they need to be activated from screen edge and is limited to applications.But id it can be implemented from any screen then that would be great(e.g from off screen we can make gestures to change mode to vibrate/silent and from home-screen we can just do some gestures to go in particular app so on and so forth).
    There can be some problems of battery drainage as this feature would constant be looking for gestures so it always needed to be active .But as there are good batteries and fast charging I personally don't think that would much be issue.
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