#PMChallenge - Support High performance audio without latency over BLE for music instruments(roli)

  1. Raghavkma
    Froyo Feb 10, 2019

    Raghavkma , Feb 10, 2019 :
    Hello Community members and One Plus Team:

    So there is a musical instrument that i have roli seaboard block that i use to make music. It is a sensitive touch based audio instrument. It works with midi over bluetooth and usb. I am not able to use it with my one plus 5t as the NOISE app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roli.noise&hl=en&showAllReviews=true) doesnt work with my one plus device.The app is only compatible with pixel devices or ios devices.

    According to the roli support team the reason is that the device may not support either high performance audio or the required chip . But as the price of the device was not low the hardware requirements should be enough for high performance audio . I think it should only need a software fix as we are already on android pie so the android version is not the problem.

    The exact words of the roli support team : "
    The challenge starts with the fact that NOISE requires a very high standard of audio performance in order to translate subtle multitouch gestures into sound — all in real time with no latency.

    High-performing audio depends on the baked-in capabilities of an Android OS such as Android 7 or Android 8. Even when an Android OS supports high audio performance, many devices do not run that version of the OS. To make the picture more complicated, individual devices that DO run the same OS do not necessarily have microchips that support all of the specs and capabilities of that OS (including high-performance audio).

    link - (https://support.roli.com/support/so...-is-noise-not-working-with-my-android-device- )

    The app uses JUCE engine for development . And they have calculated the latency values for all devices in the link - https://juce.com/maq

    Comparison doesnt include one plus 5t but it has one plus 3

    iPhone 8 Plus - minimum latency - 6.88 and glitchness - 0.01
    google pixel 2 - minimum latency - 7.61 and glitchness - 0.08
    one plus 3 A3003 - minimum latency - 18.92 and glitchness - 0.17

    So you can see why this app would not work on one plus 3 but maybe because of software and hardware improvements it may be able to work on one plus 5t and above.Please collaborate with roli to make this happen because i really dont want to buy a pixel or ios device for this one reason (ie - i am not able to make music on the go via bluetooth without a computer)

    I am attaching a picture explaining the flow of the problem with images and every important thing about my post in it.
    roli problem description.png

    So the answer to questions that you have asked:

    Who are the users?
    Everyone who makes music with a roli seaboard block with bluetooth or midi and other music apps that dont work on one plus and are not able to be used by users because high performance audio without latency is required

    What is the proposed function?
    To be able to get Roli NOISE app working for one plus devices so i can make music with my seaboard block which require high performance audio functionality enabled (available in ndk) if not already present either in the next one plus device (if harware changes needed ) or enable on existing eligible devices via software updates. This is required that these apps get enabled and available so that music making on the go without a computer is not limited to ios devices and i can make music with my favorite os and device .

    What is the user value?
    There is great user value . Currently in the market the only two options for this app and i guess high performance audio is either IOS devices or google Pixel 2. They are the most expensive . And because all ios devices have good high performance audio support most of the music production apps are available in ios and are not in android.If one plus supports this the benifits to people could be :

    1) people who are interested in music produciton can do it with a cheaper alternative.

    2) And because the user base of one plus devices is quite large there will be many music makers who can make music with there existing devices and dont have to make an expensive investment in an ios device for this feature only (personally i dont like the value ios devices provide...you may want to differ which is completely ok with me)

    3)And it can start the making of audio applications for android which is currently stagnant because not many devices support high performance audio.

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    There are existing functions in the industry . As i explained above
    IOS devices have the least latency and the next best device is google pixel 2. The proposed feature is wanting to bring one plus devices to atleast have comparable audio latency and glitchness of ios devices .
    iPhone 8 Plus - minimum latency - 6.88 and glitchness - 0.01
    google pixel 2 - minimum latency - 7.61 and glitchness - 0.08
    one plus 3 A3003 - minimum latency - 18.92 and glitchness - 0.17
    (Latency list for all phones - https://juce.com/maq)

    Thank you all.
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