#PMChallenge - Taps in drawer

  1. Anders K.
    Cupcake Feb 20, 2019

    Anders K. , Feb 20, 2019 :
    Hey There :)

    Posting here because I can't post in tech... Move/Delete if this is unwanted here.

    My idea for an OxygenOS feature:
    - A kind of tap in the drawer, for apps that you consider unique, e.g. "games" and "social apps" or "tools".
    - A way for the user to specify apps that should be kept separate from the rest of the drawer.
    - Know where you can find apps that you don't use often enough to put on the home page
    - It will be like subsections of the drawer, being customizable by the user.

    A little background:
    - I have been using a launcher for my OnePlus 5T called Hyperion.
    It has the taps feature, but I have been missing some of the highlights of the OnePlus launcher. I find the feature fitting for OnePlus as it gives a lot of options to the user, for having the device unique to them.

    - People that want to categorize apps, to be quicker at finding them when needed.

    User value:
    - A cleaner user experience when looking for apps in the drawer by knowing where apps are located.
    - Having an overview of your drawer will result in faster experience, by not having to look for certain apps that are rarely being used.

    How should this feature get implemented, and how does it work?
    - You should be able to navigate between drawer taps, by just swiping left and right(Kinda like the hidden space, but swiping with more ease)
    - Under the “search apps” field in the drawer, there will be text fields marking what taps you have created, and one marked as the current tap.
    - Apps can be put in multiple taps and be shown on each tap it is put into.
    - In addition to the user created taps, there should be one tap named all, containing all visible apps(apps that aren't in the hidden space of course)
    - The taps can be created under the “home settings” of the OnePlus launcher.
    - Apps can be added to the tap via the “home settings” or a plus in the corner of the tap(like the hidden space).
    - Swiping up from any of the taps will close the drawer.

    See attachment/picture
    - The diagram I have drawn is very poorly drawn and is meant to show my idea.
    - The first picture is the homepage drawer, and the two next to it are the different taps.
    - The last picture is the menu for selecting what apps should be shown in the tap.
    1+ Feature Sketch.png

    Sorry for my bad English :)

  2. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Feb 21, 2019