#PMChallenge - 'time left until need to leave' notification

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    Cupcake Feb 10, 2019

    T1549796467655 , Feb 10, 2019 :
    #PMChallenge -

    Ever run late for a meeting across town or a dinner (house) party because you didn't allow enough time to get ready beforehand?

    Directions/Navigation app gives user the duration of a journey to a destination so the user must stop and work out when they need to leave. This can create stress with user's uncertainty associated with mental maths or constantly checking the clock on their phone to ensure they aren't running late.

    Design goal(s):
    - Enable user to make informed decisions when preparing to embark on a journey.
    - (?) Allow user to setup the navigation process before beginning their journey. so removing annoying/dangerous setup time once started travelling.

    Design thinking:
    Assumptions are - user knows when they wish to arrive at destination (pretty safe here)
    - If a person is in need of this convenience feature, then are they likely to do this extra step of setting a desired arrival time?

    Proposed feature details:
    - Optional extra step when setting up navigation "Set arrival time?"- could come from a notification
    - Calculated 'time of departure' and time until that 'ToD' displayed in Notification drop down (and so lock screen too). i.e: "Depart at 08:47, in 7mins time"
    - Dismissable notification
    - User-defined time buffer value, either in settings or as an optional step when setting arrival time. As some people like to arrive very early but some don't mind rocking up with one minute to spare

    Who are Users?
    - Anyone using navigation apps to plan an impending journey
    User Value? - Don't have to do mental maths to figure out latest departure time in order to arrive on time
    How do the competition do it? - No exact feature found from brief research. Similar application found in google maps, 'commute settings' allows a user to get traffic updates for their commute, also found in google maps when used in browser on pc, allows 'arrive by' time to be set and tells user the time they must depart by, however misses enabling user to track time until departure time. Maybe some people don't desire it but may find it useful once using it. Or users calculate departure time themselves and set a timer/alarm to alert them.

    How will different parts of existing OS interact with it? - Navigation app's broadcast of route duration may be needed. The OS could receive this broadcast and then pose the question "do you wish to set a desired time of arrival?"
    Does it contribute to burdenless experience? - Single additional step, within notifications pull-down, should not detract from burdenless experience significantly. A completely optional question attached to a notification that already exists
    What will the user experience be like? Does the current flow result in the optimal user journey? - User may think 'oh, that's clever' when first suggested it, once used to the function then user may miss it if using another phone.

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  2. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Staff Member Feb 11, 2019

    dsmonteiro , Feb 11, 2019 :
    Google Maps on Android already has this feature baked in. How is this any different?

  3. T1549796467655
    Cupcake Feb 11, 2019

    T1549796467655 , Feb 11, 2019 :
    The key difference is the small extra step of calculating the mins until you have to leave.
    Google maps calcs an ETA for you once you set a 'depart by' time, or it calcs a 'time to leave' if you set an 'arrive by' time. However, I wanted a feature that tells me how long I have until my 'time to leave'.
    Sorry if this didn't come across in my post

  4. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Staff Member Feb 11, 2019

    dsmonteiro , Feb 11, 2019 :
    Still, Google Maps is developed by Google, so OnePlus cannot simply add new features to the app. How do you propose OnePlus to do it?

  5. T1549796467655
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2019

    T1549796467655 , Feb 12, 2019 :
    I tried to find a list of 'broadcasts' that Google Maps can put out but didn't find anything useful. Admittedly, I don't know if OxygenOS can prompt google maps to broadcast a journey's 'duration time' but if it is broadcast by GMaps then the OS could 'listen' for it and suggest this feature.