#PMChallenge tracker the eyes to cause hovers on web interfaces

  1. Stratowahwah
    Cupcake Feb 19, 2019

    Stratowahwah , Feb 19, 2019 :
    #PMChallenge Improvements to OxygenOS


    On mobile phones and especially on mobile websites, interactions with the interface are not always obvious. For example, we currently do not have the ability to manage the "hover" state of a button. Either the user sees the button and touches it, or he does not see it and continues his navigation without perceiving an interaction that could be useful to him.

    Who are the users?
    All users wishing to have an enhanced experience of their mobile web browsing

    What is the proposed function?
    Use the front camera to track the user's eyes. When the user focus a point on the website with an interaction with a hover being, it is triggered.

    What is the user value?
    The user could therefore enjoy an enriched experience while browsing the web.

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    No, because I think it is quite difficult to realize this functionality technically.

    Given the speed with which most people move through a moving page, it is important to be able to adjust the sensitivity of the eye tracker. Otherwise, this feature could help people who are not digital natives. This could be a good selling point for a category of the population.

    Not having enough time to create the setup interfaces before the end of the competition, I think a shortcut that is easily accessible in the phone options (just like the aircraft mode, the user activates or deactivates this feature) with a preset sensitivity and the possibility to increase or decrease the sensitivity via a sensitivity bar.

    Thank you for reading me.
    have a good day :)

  2. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Feb 19, 2019

    LegolasX , Feb 19, 2019 :
    i didn't get it, how will it activate by eyes?
    and I don't know of you have done your research but Samsung has similar feature.

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  3. Shapeshift3r
    Eclair Feb 19, 2019

    Shapeshift3r , Feb 19, 2019 :
    Yes Samsung has it and it is highly prone to accidental triggers. Not to mention, it's gimmicky

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  4. Stratowahwah
    Cupcake Feb 19, 2019

  5. Stratowahwah
    Cupcake Feb 19, 2019

    Stratowahwah , Feb 19, 2019 :
    it seems that samsung has created this feature only for scroll which can be annoying, in my case it would be more on the hover states of the buttons in order to improve the interactivity of the web interfaces which naturally include several states for the buttons.
    so you could use your fingers to scroll and your eyes to trigger interactions when you fly over the page