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    DVNK09 , Feb 21, 2019 :
    Mark as unread for messages

    Wanted to say thanks to the development team to give us all this opportunity to suggest a feature for our Oxygen OS.

    How this feature would work

    1.) Messages application would be accessed
    2.) A left open message would be held down on
    3.) The option on the upper right corner that would look like a U will be tapped and then the message has a bubble to the left side showing it is marked as unread or it could look like a regular message that is unread currently.
    4.) Also whenever a message is current in the control panel you can click mark read for a certain amount of time.

    Other possible inclusions

    Within the OnePlus Utilities setting there could be a setting called Unread Messages Options and then it would include options like:

    Constant Notifications

    Which means that the notification would be constantly there from the lock screen or notification panel pulled down and it would say the number of unread messages directing users to the app and this feature cannot be dismissed until checked.


    Timed Notifications

    Which means the notification would be sent at a certain time that it is unread and would be on the lock screen and well as the notification panel until dismissed.


    My marking as unread feature would be based off of the OnePlus messages app and can be very useful for many people, especially people in business whenever dealing with many different clients or messages. To be able to mark a message as unread could allow anyone to go back and notice the message they didn't reply to after keeping up with so many messages and working continually without stop

    Who are the users?

    A. The users of this specific feature are everyone and anyone that sends texts, for business men and women, students in school, and really anyone that would like to come back to a message because they opened a message and need to come back to it or would like to reply later on.

    What is the proposed function?

    A. The proposed function of the Mark as Unread option would be a button that is in the messaging application developed by OnePlus and it would show a dot for a notification as it was marked as unread so it would be a way to draw attention back to the message or text that was left open and not attended to. There could also be a setting that is enabled to send a notification every so often or stays active that would say (# of marked unread messages)

    What is the user value?

    A. To be able to access messages that were not taken care of and it would allow users to make sure they reply to their messages. Users would value this option because it is a very nice reminder.

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?

    A. Currently there is this feature active in Facebook Messenger or Gmail but it is not as useful and in Messenger it is marked as unread but the other user can sees that it is already read whereas this feature wouldn't allow other users to see it has been read yet. The superiority of this feature would be evident from the help to reply to other unread messages that are important and other applications don't use this feature to that extent. Even iOS software is not including this feature and it would be very important.

    Here are some valuable pictures of how it would work with attached files:



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