#PMChallenge - Unused apps remover

  1. pillow35 KitKat Feb 10, 2019

    pillow35, Feb 10, 2019 :
    Dear all,

    Need a new game or new functions and ,voila, an new application installed. It's very easy to find on Google play free applications but how much are actually used in the long times. I am the first to have a lots of unused apps since months.
    This function seems to me appropriate and consistent with the ethics developed by OnePlus for OOS

    The integration of this function would be done in two ways. The first is a sort function added to the application information page. The visualization is done by adding the time since the last use in decreasing order. The second one through the storage parameters with an "automatic uninstall" manager (eg. 1, 3 or 6 months) as well as direct access to the first way.Of course it can be added a notification to validate the uninstall


    it might look like this in OxygenOs

    Who are the users
    I believe we are all guilty of an over installation of applications

    What is the value added
    It impact storage, I currently have 13 GB of applications ... but it is not the most important problem in view of current memory sizes
    Once these applications are installed, they continue to be updated even if they are not used
    These applications sometimes call for android services and even if they are not used they run in the background and consume battery and resources.

    Existing functions
    I don't know all the OS or all the applications but Android does not present this function of managing the use of applications.
    It's present in google play that allows you to sort but it isn't intuitive and in various applications like Files by Google but it requires to install a new application ….

    Voila, I hope the presentation is clear and you think it's something interesting
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  2. Venky61 Jelly Bean Feb 11, 2019

    Venky61, Feb 11, 2019 :
    Hey... Its a good idea to automatically uninstall the unused apps. I am one such person who install random apps to just give a try and totally forget to uninstall if not required.
    But I feel there should be a confirmation taken from User before uninstalling. As some apps we might not use frequently but required in emergency situations.

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