#PMChallenge Video Enhancer for OxygenOS

  1. ashwin.243
    Honeycomb Feb 9, 2019

    ashwin.243 , Feb 9, 2019 :
    Hello OnePlus Team and fellow OnePlus Forum members
    There is a feature that I would want in my OnePlus device (OxygenOS) and I feel that it would create an ease for other OnePlus users as well.

    1. Who are the users?
    Every user who watches videos on his OnePlus device shall be a user of this feature.

    2. What is the proposed function?
    Who doesn't watch videos on their smart phones? Everyone do. But some of us prefer to keep the brightness of the screen low for our own personal reasons. Obviously we don't want the same experience while watching videos and end up increasing the brightness of the screen by 15-20% for better image quality and vivid colors of the AMOLED display. This becomes a hassle for a regular video watcher. Video Enhancer will increase the brightness of the screen by 15-20% as soon as you open a video app (like YouTube or Netflix) on your phone and the brightness is reduced to the original value as soon as the user exits the video app.

    3. How this feature can be implemented?
    It would work like, the system scans for the stock as well as the third party video playing apps installed in the device and then it would list it under the video enhancer function. The user will have an option to enable/disable this function in the settings app. The user will also have an option to specifically enable/disable this option for each app. If the feature is enabled for a particular app, then as soon as the user opens the app, the brightness of the screen will automatically increase by 15-20%. Whenever I say 15-20%, it is a value that shall be decided by OnePlus based on other factors on the system, but I feel that it should atleast increase between 15-20%. If the user has automatic brightness enabled then the video enhancer will increase the brightness by 15-20% above the level which is usually set by the system based on the lights around. If the user has set the brightness of the screen to 95-100% then it shall stay that bright only in video apps as well (obviously it doesn't make sense to go beyond this brightness level). If the user has set the brightness level of the screen set between 85-95% then the brightness of the screen shall be set to 100% for the video apps. As soon as a user exits the particular video playing app, the brightness of the screen shall be set back to the level which was set by the user. To give a hint to the user of this feature being present in OxygenOS, a code will have to be written so that after the update of OxygenOS or whenever a user activates his new OnePlus device or an old device after a factory reset, as soon as he opens a video app for the first time, an on screen pop-up will show the user that the video enhancer has been enabled and will teach the user on what video enhancer is about, then after clicking the next button, the user will be given an option to disable this feature if he wants to.
    This feature can also include games in it. It can be called game enhancer. But, game enhancer will work slightly different from video enhancer. The brightness shall be increased by 15-20% but the automatic brightness shall be disabled (if enabled by the user). Many times it happens that while gaming, we put our hands on the proximity sensor and the system reduces the brightness which is irritating. Game enhancer will give a toggle (which will be enabled by default) to disable automatic brightness as soon as a game is launched. 15-20% brightness will be increased based on the lights around and after that automatic brightness will be disabled till the user is playing the game. Game enhancer can be a part of the Game Launcher function of OxygenOS.

    4. What is the user value?
    I feel that this feature will abandon the hassle of the user increasing the brightness every time he wants to watch a video or play a game and reducing it back to the previous level whenever the task is completed. This hassle is very big when involved in day to day tasks and this feature shall completely eliminate that. This shall increase the value of OxygenOS in the minds of the users.

    5. Visual Representation
    To be honest this time as well, I've seen in my friend's Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and hence I will share screenshots of this feature from Samsung Experience ROM with Android O. Below is the screenshot of the video enhancer function in the settings app. You will see that the system has automatically detected the video apps installed in the device and has enabled video enhancer for all of them. The only thing that Samsung Video Enhancer lacks is that it does not allow a user to enable/disable video enhancer for a specific app. It toggles this feature for all the video apps.


    I think that this feature is feasible and can be easily implemented in OxygenOS and I feel that along with me, this feature will help A LOT of other OnePlus users as well.

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  2. FaleshC
    KitKat Feb 9, 2019

    FaleshC , Feb 9, 2019 :
    you do know there is something called video enhancer in open beta for OnePlus 6 already, hmm?

  3. ashwin.243
    Honeycomb Feb 16, 2019

    ashwin.243 , Feb 16, 2019 :
    Thanks for pointing it out. Actually, I avoid being on Open Beta builds as once my work got suffered big time by being on an open beta build. Can you confirm if that offers similar functionality or does it offer something different?

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