#PMChallenge - Volume button screen-off shortcuts

  1. leolxu
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019

    leolxu , Feb 4, 2019 :

    OnePlus already incorporates many unique screen-off features into OxygenOS, such as double tap to wake and drawing gestures. These features add convenience for the average OnePlus user. I propose expanding on these screen-off features by adding volume button screen-off shortcuts.

    Who are the users?

    All OnePlus users will benefit from this feature, especially those seeking convenience.

    What is the proposed function?

    Users can use specific presses of the volume buttons while the screen is off (long hold, double tap, etc.) to execute certain functions, such as music control or opening a specific app.

    What is the user value?

    While there are already screen-off gestures in OxygenOS for music control and opening apps, these require the user to draw specific gestures on the screen. But what if the phone is in their pocket or bag? The user must first take the phone out before drawing the gesture to execute the function. This is inconvenient in certain situations and not exactly the smoothest experience possible.

    I propose that the process can be improved by adding volume button screen-off shortcuts. The benefits are twofold. For music control, the user can long press the respective volume key to go to the previous or next track; in this case, there is no need to even take the phone out to do so. For other functions, let's say the user has a specific app mapped to a double tap of the volume up key. They can perform this double tap while taking out the phone and immediately jump into the app, allowing for a more seamless experience than with drawing gestures.

    Of course, these shortcuts are useful for other users as well. Incorporating volume button gestures in addition to the gestures already present in the OS allows users to map even more shortcuts for convenience. It also gives those who prefer button shortcuts to screen gestures a valuable feature.

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?

    Holding down the volume keys for screen-off music control is a feature that exists in custom ROMs. However, expanding volume key shortcuts to include this capability plus the ability to map functions to specific volume key presses capitalizes on the uniqueness of Oxygen's gestures and provides a more convenient and superior experience to users in the stock OS.


    The implementation is straightforward. The settings for these shortcuts will be included in the "Buttons & gestures" settings already present in OxygenOS (see below sketch). The option for enabling/disabling volume button music control will be a simple toggle in this settings screen, and the menu for mapping specific functions to each volume key combination will use an identical layout to the current menu for mapping functions to drawing gestures (screenshot attached for reference). The shortcuts themselves will be coded into the OS, similar to how the existing screen-off gestures have been incorporated.


    From the Product department - does it contribute to a burdenless experience?

    The addition of these volume button screen-off shortcuts will make for an even smoother experience for the average user for the reasons I describe above.

    From the developers - how will different parts of the existing OS interact with this new feature?

    In fact, the groundwork for this new feature has already been laid in the existing OS through the already present screen-off gestures. The volume button shortcuts provide a similar feature set (and thus utilize similar code) but are mapped to the more convenient volume keys.

    From UX Design - what will the user experience be like? Does the current flow result in the optimal user journey?

    The settings for these volume button shortcuts can be implemented smoothly into the OS settings that already exist for screen-off gestures; this will provide the optimal user journey.
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  2. Gibbi03
    Eclair Feb 6, 2019

  3. leolxu
    Cupcake Feb 6, 2019

    leolxu , Feb 6, 2019 :
    I do as well. This will not cancel out the ability to adjust volume while the screen is off using those buttons. You can just do other things as well, such as double tapping volume up to open Instagram.
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