#PMChallenge – Wi-Fi Enabled Actions

  1. Ctaor101
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2019

    Ctaor101 , Feb 15, 2019 :
    One Plus OxygenOs – Wifi-Enabled Actions

    By: Christopher Taormina


    What is the proposed function? – Wi-Fi-enabled actions is essentially predefined steps you can make your phone take based on the type of stored Wi-Fi connection you have connected too. The actions at the moment I have thought of are: Smart enabled devices On\Off and Auto-Start or Auto Turn off of a pre-set up VPN service.

    Essentially as you attach to a Wi-Fi for the first time it will prompt you to indicate if it is Home, Private, or Public.

    Under a separate menu you can then set specific actions based on which type of Wi-Fi you have connected too.

    Actions would be triggered On-Connecting and On-Disconnecting:

    For the example of the Wi-Fi with the type of “home” you may want this configuration:

    On-Connecting: You can turn on any smart lights that you have pre-established, in your phone (I use an app called “Smart Life”, but it does sync as well to my google home account). The idea here is as you approach your house, your phone should connect prior (if you have the Turn on Wi-Fi automatically) and the lights should be on before you even enter your home.

    On-Disconnecting: Your phone will check if the same lights or any of your configured smart devices have been left on. In this case it will give you a push notification, to if you’d like to turn off those devices as you left them on. Here you can press yes or no for the OS to handle the action for you.

    For an example of the Wi-Fi with the type of “public” or “private” you may want this configuration:

    On-Connecting: To a “public” or “private” (in the event it is not your home but you want more security) Wi-Fi, if the user has a preconfigured VPN service on his phone, this would automatically turn it on to ensure the users safety.

    On-Disconnecting: Back to the normal cell service, it will prompt you if you wish to keep the VPN active and\or do this functionality automatically.

    Who are the users? – Pretty simple, this is for everyone. For anyone that connects to Wi-Fi and would like to extend its functionality.

    What is the user value? – The added user value could be quite high, for public Wi-Fi they have connected too, considering they have a VPN pre-set up this can automatically be turned on. Giving the user increased security on their device.

    In terms of the home Wi-Fi, they will be able to auto turn on their lights as they approach their home, making themselves A) more productive, B) safer as you are not approaching your home in the dark, C) More energy efficient as you can have it auto-turn off common items that you may have left on.

    As well this open the door later on for more innovative ideas that might be able to build off of this premise. (Auto-unlocking via Bluetooth is already a feature if you have connected to a trusted device. Perhaps this is viable for this new feature as well)

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?

    Google Home – Turn on Lights and Turn lights off. However, this still makes the user interact with the google home itself or the smart assistant. By having this Wi-Fi enabled, it will do this check for you, having the user to do less or think of less while leaving the home. For a more seamless user experience with technology of the day.

    VPN – This is already a feature on android to have an established VPN. But not auto-turning it on and off. As an added security measure this new feature could do this

    From the Product department – does it contribute to a burdenless experience?

    Yes – Completely, this is intended to be a set and forget functionality. That automates common tasks that you as the user will now have to do less often.

    From the developers - how will different parts of the existing OS interact with this new feature?

    Depending on the Action that you would like enabled, the user will need to have a pre-established VPN service setup on their phone. As well if the action is for the smart applications, the user will need to have their smart apps setup on with their google assistant.

    From UX Design – what will the user experience be like? Does the current flow result in the optimal user journey?

    I believe it does, the user will only experience one new prompt when they connect successfully to a new Wi-Fi point.

    They set the actions they wish to use per Wi-Fi Type under one settings page, once really unless they need to change it later on.

    From there it will only give them a push notification if they had intended too and mainly as a friendly reminder to turn off their devices that are unintended. This notification can be toggled, if it is disabled then the action will be done automatically.

    The whole feature is meant to be set and forget, so your phone can work for you in automating tasks.

    Enabling the feature will be under the Wi-Fi-Preferences Settings:

    Screenshot_20190211-214250.jpg Screenshot_20190211-214411.jpg Screenshot_20190211-214313.jpg Screenshot_20190211-214256.jpg Screenshot_20190211-214520.jpg