1. I1549375586318 Cupcake Feb 5, 2019

    I1549375586318, Feb 5, 2019 :
    Dear One plus
    1) who are the users
    Personally I don't own a oneplus device but would eventually like to my brother owns one and he personally gets irritated and there are many more who get irritated with the feature not being added in your device
    2) what's the feature and why's so impactful
    So the feature I am talking about is just as same as like the Samsung Dex. So when we connect our phone's to our PCs it becomes quite reliable and accessible for us to like transfer data or play games on a way much bigger screen
    There are a lot of advantages of using this feature as it makes typing and editing of important documents easier . The user can just with a single click saves our precious time
    3) why it's so important?
    Making these feature active already gives an edge over the large competition and they are in for some tough time . The practical use is that if the person is losing out on battery he might well charge his device and use it side by side on a bigger screen if has some work to do.
    Thank you @OnePlus for giving this average dude a chance to speak up IMG_20190205_200441412.jpg IMG_20190205_200441412.jpg IMG_20190205_200441412.jpg IMG_20190205_200441412.jpg

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