1. Zainali02
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2019

    Zainali02 , Feb 12, 2019 :
    IMG_20190211_195420.jpg IMG_20190211_195420.jpg IMG_20190211_192858.jpg Hi fellow OP Users! I'm not the best artist or idea creator in the world but I figured I could give this challenge a shot!
    My idea is a Squeeze to access app shortcut function. The whole reason I chose One Plus devices over the competition is that they are lightning fast and have some of the best gestures and shortcuts I know, but when this idea popped into my head, it showed me what we could do to be even faster. The way that this proposed feature works is that 2 pressure sensors are put into the sides of the phone, that can detect when the phone is compressed or not. This feature has been used in the HTC U11, and Google Pixel 2 and 3. The way the features in those phones work is that; Squeezing the phone is just a quick shortcut to one app, boring I know, but with my idea for squeezing, is that two small app trays that are curved roll onto each side of the phone. If you are on your basic home screen and squeeze, the left side of your phone will have a small tray of apps you tend to use commonly, such as mail or OnePlus community, whereas on the right side of the phone you can have some set apps that never change, like if you really want to have the google app permanently in your home squeeze gesture, you can. Following in with many other previous One Plus features, this will be fully customizable in the sense that you can have whatever apps you want to display. When in app, squeezing can bring up on one side other apps you have running in the background, so you can easily switch through apps, and on the other side can be useful tools for apps such as highlight, screenshot, screen record and more.
    This idea is also very similar to the Samsung edge, but more convenient as you do not have accidental swipes triggering it, and the squeeze sensors on other phones tend to rarely go off by mistake. This feature also is somewhat like a more elaborate version of the feature that when you hold the area where screen unlock is after opening a device, it brings up a tray of useful apps. Users of this feature include people who tend to love going through many apps at a time, people who like to have quick control at their fingertips and users that tend to hate looking around for specific apps in a giant app tray.
    You can view my not so good drawings that I will attach to see what it will look like in practice and how people will view it.
    Q&A:[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Q: Does it contribute to a burden less experience?
    A: It does! It allows seamless transition between apps or when in apps to make the user experience better by providing tools that are useful to a user!
    Q: How will different parts of the existing OS interact with this new feature?
    A: This idea will work with existing parts of the OS well, because the way I intend the feature to be is that when you squeeze, it will bring up a prompt above of other apps, rather than having to move stuff in an app. An example is if I am reading about something in the Google app and I squeeze to view my quick access tray, It will just blur out my app and project these options on top of the app, so that the app is not immediately bugged out and so that the transition from app to quick access is quick and smooth, like One Plus wants it to be.
    Q:What will the user experience be like? Does the current flow result in the optimal user journey?
    A: The UX will be very smooth and linear, as when the user uses this feature, smooth transitions allow an easy way to view apps, and like other Oxygen OS features, this can become second nature to some users that will get used to squeezing for their apps! The current flow of this idea tries to optimize user journey, but only with user testing on an actual device over time can we draw how this goes in the long run with users and whether it sits happily with them or not.

    Thanks for letting us have this opportunity to design a new feature for these awesome phones One Plus team!
    -Zain, an avid OnePlus supporter since the 3T

    P.S I am sorry for my garbage handwriting on my drawings, I am not the best at drawing or writing but I tried my hardest!

  2. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Feb 12, 2019

    LegolasX , Feb 12, 2019 :
    you clearly mentioned needing sensors and the examples you gave of those phones who have them inbuilt.
    so how are you going to implement it in Oneplus devices?
    and you do know its software challenge and not hardware?

  3. Zainali02
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2019

    Zainali02 , Feb 12, 2019 :
    well, on my drawing, it shows where it could go, an the way the sensors work is that a small pressure sensor is inserted on the inside edge of the side of the phone, and can detect squeezes from there

  4. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Feb 12, 2019

    LegolasX , Feb 12, 2019 :
    so how do you plan on doing it in current phones?

  5. Zainali02
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2019

    Zainali02 , Feb 12, 2019 :
    well since this is for a new device, but tested on old phone dummies, the phone would get 2 sensors, inserted on the inside perimeter of the phone,, and the software team @OnePlus will work on developing a crude form of the idea, and when a test mule comes out we can further update things on the device and get a finished product

  6. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Feb 12, 2019

    LegolasX , Feb 12, 2019 :
    again, its the software challenge not the hardware challenge, what you suggest needs hardware modifications so don't actually qualify for this challenge.
    and if you assume OnePlus can do it in next phone, i highly doubt that because it must already be in production state. maybe another year or so if they choose to do so. so the current as well as next device won't be utilizing your idea so i see no point at least as of now.

  7. Zainali02
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2019

    Zainali02 , Feb 12, 2019 :
    one plus said it could be any feature/idea, but on the software end I explained how it works, and after some research a similar effect is done with the Galaxy note series, the little animation when you pull out the spen and it brings up a prompt of options, and it coexists with Samsung well, so if one plus could do a different version of that that has a whole other purpose and is more useful

  8. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Feb 12, 2019

    LegolasX , Feb 12, 2019 :
    jesus, man don't you understand difference between software and hardware?
    OnePlus clearly mentions oxygen os challenge not hardware challenge so how can you say whatever idea?
    s pen is a hardware that has sensor built in the socket. damn man why so hard for you get this.

  9. Zainali02
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2019

    Zainali02 , Feb 12, 2019 :
    ok I see what u mean after reading but ya never know ‍♂️