OxygenOS Pocket Mode

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  5. pgrey
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    pgrey , Jan 23, 2022 :
    Is this REALLY the answer here?
    Yes, I know I know we're just a "bunch of users", but there are some here that I suspect are a bit more "in the loop", than on average.

    Not having this switch is a nightmare, if you use your phone during exercise-activity. As a road-cyclist, my phone lives in a ziploc in my jersey pocket, and if I can't disable pocket-mode, it constantly locks itself (yes, this seems like it would be the inverse, but disabling it has been the solution on my 8Pro and 9Pro, to-date).
    Also, when I was briefly on C36, I couldn't manage to disable the AOD, so my phone drained itself, on a 2hr ride, from mid 90% to mid-50%, with NO ACTUAL USAGE, just "riding along in my jersey pocket".

    I think I'm stuck on A11, indefinitely, until/if OP decides that these "minor customizations" need to get fixed in A12, or I figure out I'm just done with OP, and which device I'll move to... Ugh.

  6. Swejuggalo
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    Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 9 Pro Morning Mist , Jan 24, 2022 :
    Personally I feel that it would not be hard to allow it back. Also miss touch to wake.
    Personally I'd like both back. I don't turn off pocket mode myself, but it could be good to have for some.
    I can always ask but I'm not sure there is an answer on the return of these features.

  7. pgrey
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 25, 2022

    pgrey , Jan 25, 2022 :
    Yeah, it just makes my phone that much less usable.
    For example, I can no longer pull it out of my (jersey) pocket, double-tap the screen, and unlock with my fingerprint (or have it smart-unlocked to a proximate device).
    Now, I have to fumble around, and try not to drop it, trying to hit the darn power button, and then pivot to get my fingerprint in the right spot. It's a hazard, because you have to transition between those surfaces, and find that button.
    When I could disable pocket-mode, this was a non-issue, took about 2 seconds, and didn't require me to look at the phone.
    I just don't get it, I mean people use their phones in a variety of protective bags/pouches, which REALLY hoses the screen, overall, if pocket-mode is enabled. I wonder what the trade-off is, exactly? Just removing it for the heck of it seems to not make a ton of sense...
    @Swejuggalo Do you think there's any point in my filing a "bug", based on your experience? I guess things are sort of new (reshuffled, etc), in terms of who's doing the dev/test-work here, but I'd expect they have some continuity...
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  8. geoffers99
    Cupcake Apr 2, 2022

  9. pgrey
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 4, 2022

    pgrey , Apr 4, 2022 :
    This is a friggin-mess.
    @Swejuggalo do you have any new insight here, into things (yeah, I'm sort of being open-ended, on purpose, feel free to call me on it...)?

    C47 has made this VASTLY WORSE, now I have about a 1 second timeframe, to get my fingerprint unlock correct, inside the ziploc, or it DEFAULTS to the stupid "multi-press about 5-7 points, while staring the screen, VERY carefully", or we'll simply "lock you out, until you remove your phone from the ziploc".

    I mean are kidding me, really, who in the world is even testing these releases, and is it ANYTHING beyond simple unit tests???
    From where I sit, as 30-ish year s/w and h/w boundary engineering professional (I've done driver/OS kernel testing for a very long time, mostly on Win, but some on Android-voice, so I'm pretty familiar with the "fickleness of Android"), they seem to be randomly fixing a handful of some sort of bugs (I'm sure these are important, but I have NO idea what they are, from the release posts), and BREAKING a TON more stuff, in the process, because they do NOT appear to be "bothered with actual testing".

    I have filed bug(s) on this, to be clear, and I've both repro'd AND offered VERY easy repro steps, in responding to the bug-team (this is my job, I know how to file a detailed bug, with follow-up logs...), and then they just "go silent", from there...

    I wouldn't take a OP10 (Pro or otherwise), if they GAVE it to me, literally. I'm sure if you have a "very simple user-use-case", for your phone, that most of this work "okay-ish". If you're slightly outside of those lines, this has turned into a steaming pile of garbage, IMHO (yes, I know I'm being a bit harsh/emotional here, but it's been 4 months now...).

    Clearly, this is the end-of-the-road for OP, and myself, and probably a LOT of others, and would bet for carrier-partnerships, too (supporting this has got to be a real nightmare, for a carrier). I'm not sure where I'm going, the Pixel 6 lineup isn't exactly "stellar" right now; it's vastly better than OP though, I suppose, but Google is trying to short-release the Pixel 7 series, for a good reason.
    I'm not a fan of the vastly-modified Samsung OS (this is where I did most of my Android engineering, working on voice-engine stuff for a sub), and who knows what the Nothing phone will be, and how their OS will be supported, that's sort of a big leap, too.

    Ugh, in a word...
    Sorry for the TLDR; also for the various caps-sections, if it offends anyone...

  10. pgrey
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 4, 2022

    pgrey , Apr 4, 2022 :
    Oh yeah, just to add, I tested this on my wife's Pixel 5, also running A12, with all the current patches, and it's NOT an issue, not at all. It gives you enough time to deal with unlock, say with a PIN, and doesn't "force you into unlock-hell, by forcing the multi-touch-focused-screen thing".

    So there's that, Google also doesn't have a setting anymore (either), to disable pocket-mode, but it "just works", as you'd expect, by not basically disabling the darn phone.

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  11. Swejuggalo
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Apr 5, 2022

    Swejuggalo , via OnePlus Community App , Apr 5, 2022 :
    I can't really replicate the level of troubles you have. All my devices can be pulled out of a pocked, double tap and unlocked in 1-3 seconds.
    9 Pro has the fingerprint reader slightly to low for my taste though. And the removal of touch to wake to reach ambient screen and unlock from there really sucks. Was so much better than having to double tap to reach lockscreen. Or the practially forced use of AOD that wakes up by a single small movement. Not a fan of that either. So double tap it is for me. It's extremely rare to not respond to first double tap or triggering pocket mode when it's not in pocked. Even when very dirty around the sensor areas. Needing power button is extremely rare too. Unlocking issues would be more like rare events for me.

    Face unlock is a nope for me too. Both security wise and that it does not feel optimal for unlock speed in situations where the camera can't see you properly. Maybe I should enable again for testing reasons. Last time I didn't like it though, but it might have improved since then.

    Having AOD settings at default is probably the quickest unlock method since 12 due to fingerprint is ready for your input basically the same moment you touch the phone without close proximity readings. But I don't like having the screen wake up that easilly.

    The unlock issues I read mostly about is linked to ongoing calls and having ended calls. Some kind of blocker bug. This has affected a few models if I recall. But I haven't been able to replicate those issues.

    I have reported a rare event regarding fingerprint, having been impossible to use without rebooting first. It simply did not show up at all.

    The only model I really experienced some levels of unlock issues with was 7 Pro. The lack of a pocket mode, and even a proper proximity reading, relying on virtual proximity instead.
    My pockets was usually 7 Pro friendly though preventing issues. But some moments of unintended forced use of password due to too many failed unlock attempts happened.

    Do you mind sending a copy of your step by step info and problem description you sent to bughunters? Either here or via PM.

  12. pgrey
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 5, 2022

    pgrey , Apr 5, 2022 :
    1. Put the phone in a ziploc bag, or similar (wrapping plastic wrap tightly would probably work fine, too), nice and snug (push most of the air out of the bag and zip-tight).
    2. Try to unlock and then use the fingerprint (or PIN), before it goes into "pocket check mode", or whatever they call it, where you have to multi-point tap about 4-6 points, to verify that it's not really "in a pocket", before you can try again, either fingerprint or PIN.
    I get this unlocked about 20% of the time, on C.47, whereas on C.36, it was more like 50%, due to a longer interval, before the "pocket check mode".
    3. Try to double-tap, if you want, it will NEVER allow you to use double-tap, on A12, in this scenario.

    On A11 (not necessarily lamenting A12, just several Settings features, that are horribly broken, like this one), you had options:
    1. Disable pocket-mode, in which case you pretty much had screen-timeout, in order to unlock using fingerprint OR PIN, either worked, nearly 100%.
    2. You could double-tap, EVEN with the phone in a ziploc, or similar, because pocket-mode wouldn't block it (double-tap to wake), and then unlock per #1, on A11.

    Maybe I have an "edge case" here, but EVERY time I post about this, or comment on someone else's post on this issue, on A12, I get a bunch of "me too" responses, with distinct comments (i.e. not just a bunch of people who seem to want to comment on random issues), about how their ziploc or similar mode is a BIG problem, for their use-case.
    There are also comments about this in a couple of the "OnePlus 9 Pro A12 is a big train-wreck" articles, that were written, back in the Dec-Jan timeframe, so reviewers have also taken-note.
    This literally requires me to pull over (I'm a pretty high-mileage road cyclist, for my age-group, 125-175mi/week this time of year), in order to unlock the phone, as once it enters this mode, it just goes back to the "pocket check mode" requiring all those precision points, every time you hit the power-button (i.e. it won't even give you that 1 second "window", until you pass this "test" of sorts, similar to multi-point-check tests I wrote, actually, back in the 90's, when touch wasn't so reliable... ;-]).

    Plus, there's the fact my wife's Pixel 5 does NOT have this issue, obviously with a different shell, but kernels that aren't that far off, so there's that. On her phone, it seems to know that it's not in a pocket, for some reason, and waits for you to use the PIN (no fingerprint, obviously, as that's a physical sensor, on the back on that model).

    I hope I put this together in way that makes sense, I could make a flow-chart, or similar.
    I HAVE filed a bug on this (and a few other Settings issues that are key for my use), and have been asked for repro-scenarios, and logs, of which I HAVE provided BOTH. And then I got "crickets", which has NOT been my previous experience, with the bug/test team, in years/phones past, it's almost always an "open/back-forth dialogue" that ends in them saying something like "next major drop, fix should be rolled in", along those lines.

    I just don't get it, clearly they're not testing this, and don't seem to actually care about accurate bugs, at this point, even those where the filer is 100% on top of logs, repro scenarios, etc. On top of that, testing of a bunch of Settings seems almost non-existent, and my fingerprint reader is OFTEN just "disabling itself" requiring a reboot to get it functioning again (bug filed on that one, same deal).
    I'm sort of done with this on my end, based on this last part, as it seems pointless to continue to file these, at this juncture.
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  13. Swejuggalo
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Apr 5, 2022

    Swejuggalo , via OnePlus Community App , Apr 5, 2022 :
    Done some tests with various see trough materials. Let's just say the sensor is rather picky about how clean and close the material is. The results became better with no case on.

  14. pgrey
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 5, 2022

    pgrey , Apr 5, 2022 :
    Yeah, I ALWAYS have a case, the thing "rides along", in my jersey-pocket, when I'm out putting in miles, or skiing, or whatever, it's just in a case, period, with a good screen-protector installed.
    It was bad enough when OP removed the ability to disable pocket-mode, on A12 (to be fair I think this was partly a Google thing, but Samsung still has this setting, on A12, hmm...), but C47 has GREATLY reduced the timeout-tolerance, before you can unlock it, and it goes into that darn mode, where you have to VERY carefully pinpoint touch those multi-points, in order to unlock. I 100% understand why it has this mode, but I do NOT understand why OP won't expose the pocket-mode Setting (which has been in every phone I've ever owned from them, I'm pretty sure), like Samsung did in A12, and also why they GREATLY reduced the darn timeout, making my primary use-case almost "unusable".
    My OP8 Pro is up for sale, and once that goes, I'm trading (or selling, haven't decided yet) my OP9 Pro, and probably getting a Pixel 6 Pro, while the market and A12 "sort themselves out".
    I'm just so disappointed, as a s/w and h/w engineer myself, in what's happened to the OP Oxygen OS, and how OP has handled the following releases, with basically no visible fixes for ANY of these myriad issues and de-featuring that's happened.

    I've been a HUGE OP fan, for some years now, but this is just too much, and their future is apparently very unsure, despite that announcement (I 100% understand their layered design (the whole merged call-stack)), with Oppo, which should ultimately be a good thing, for all, IME.
    I truly would've expected this to make things BETTER, given that this should mean they can share functional-tests (among other things), of varying degrees, I would think testing should get much, MUCH better, and features would be easier to re-surface (since there are solid functional tests aplenty).

    @Swejuggalo I truly do appreciate your follow-up here, and your co-testing, plus the discussion ensuing. I wish I didn't sound like a "whiny user" here, but they've pretty much hosed me, on a not-so-cheap device, there's just no other way to put it...

    Edit: I meant to mention, I went up and updated my filed-bug, with the fact C47 has made this MUCH worse, but they have not responded, since I uploaded my logs for the issue, and gave them a VERY simple repro scenario (the same one I posted here). I offered to submit new logs, whatever, but no response, truly disappointing...
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  15. Swejuggalo
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Apr 6, 2022

    Swejuggalo , via OnePlus Community App , Apr 6, 2022 :
    Oh, no. Your responses is great. So much better than those that threaten to do legal action if an issue is not fixed 😉 Or scream that OnePlus cheated them of some reason.
    Problems are supposed to end up as discussions and hopefully some type of solution or improvement happens eventually. At the very least get more people testing similar scenarious.

    I recorded some testing showing the sensor reacted on the thin see-trough plastic. I even found a weird middle ground where it does not see the plastic at around 1 cm distance. But seems near impossible to see trough it if being as close as a extra skin.

    I suggested sensor calibration or re-introduce the pocket mode toggle.
    Don't know what the sensor is capable of doing. If ignoring see-trough plastics some things like thin clothing might look practally the same for the sensor.

    Mess around with the problematics of sensing see-trough plastics at work and completely disregarding about what could potentially be behind the plastics. Some sensors that was orginally placed there by the machine constructor is clearly not made for that type of detection. But suddenly someone say... "We want see-through. Let's change! (without consulting of cource) Press run... Shit happens... Opps!".

    Testing, reporting, collect logs, discuss it - that is what we can do as users. The rest is up to the staff. Some stuff ends up as high priority. Some as low priority. Ending up in the low priority when the issue is a personal high priority kind of sucks.

  16. pgrey
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2022

    pgrey , Apr 7, 2022 :
    Yeah, I suppose that's about the size of it, really. I still think that it being mentioned in a couple of reviews, and several threads up here makes it not a complete edge-case, but that's probably not really all that relevant; if they want to look at my logs and repro, because the risk/reward of fixing or re-enabling the feature makes sense, they will.
    In the meantime, I'm just moving on, I guess, I just hate to do it, I really do, but I just don't know what other options I have.
    I guess I could go back to A11, again, which I did after that first super-not-great drop of A12, what a Pain-in-the-something that was ;-] There's no more security-update/patch-anything in that model (branch) though, which makes it not so appealing, particularly in the longer-term.
    I haven't run a custom-ROM in quite some time, or for that matter, a custom-launcher, but I'm not sure there are that great of a set of options there, at this point; the last time I read around XDA it sure was looking a bit grim (~ early 1/22).

  17. pgrey
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 22, 2022

    pgrey , Apr 22, 2022 :

    So, I've "fixed this", by buying a Pixel 6 Pro, a cheap-ish used one (cost half of what my OP 9 Pro did, for reference).
    The proximity sensor "just works", on the Pixel 6, in a bag, not in a bag, pretty much ALL environs, it "just works" which is pretty darn nice, for a change... ;-]
    Maybe it's a better proximity sensor, or maybe the algo is better, or maybe it's both, who-knows, but it "just works", which is what you'd expect, or should expect, in 2022, I think?

    I also discovered in the process, that my bone-conducting headphones noise-cancelation does actually work, it's just the OP Codec that doesn't do it properly (on the 9 Pro OR my 8 Pro, who knew, I thought the headset design was just poor). I've used these to keep myself "sane" as a road-cyclist, riding WAY too many miles solo, and the mics were always a bit of "a joke", in that if I was going over about 5MPH (~8KPH) or so, no one could hear me, what-so-ever. Now, on the Pixel 6, I can be whizzing along at 22MPH (~37KPH), or similar, and talk just fine, I can hear, people can hear, who knew... ;)o_O
    I'd debug/trace this, and file a bug on the Codec problem, except that I pretty much don't care at this point, since ALL the A12 bugs I've filed (with full logs, and pointers to the issues in the log-lines, specifically) have just gone un-answered, literally zero-response (I got quite a few fixes for the 5T, 6, 7Pro-tons on this one, an the 8 Pro, but it's "crickets" on the 9 Pro bugs, which can't be good...).

    Additionally, in two weeks with the Pixel 6 Pro, my fingerprint sensor has never "gone missing" (this happens at least every-other day on my 9 Pro), and I can't find a SINGLE setting that's a problem, for my use-cases (which are somewhat more than average, perhaps, as a h/w and and s/w engineering person, I tend to use a lot of odd stuff on phones and other devices, non-typical use-cases).

    Anyway, I probably won't be around the forums much, at least for a good while. My OP 8 Pro was super easy to sell, and my 9Pro is going up next week, which I also think will go fast (it's pretty much "mint" always had protectors on all external surfaces, like the 8 Pro that sold in about 45 minutes).
    I'm going Pixel for the foreseeable future, even though I'm not a big Google fan (I've avoided roles there, and at a couple of other "marginal" companies, intentionally), and would far prefer to be running "once abstracted Android" on something like the OnePlus lineup, it just doesn't make sense for me, at this juncture.
    I truly hate the quick-settings "boxes" on pure-A12, but that's about it, and I think there's a decent chance Google will relent on this, and make the more efficient icons available again, soon (boxes really limit visibility via the quick-settings, only 4 on top, and 8 on pull-down).
    I still have a OP7 Pro that's just a "fancy tablet" around the house, but it's fairly low-use, so I sort of doubt I'll be able to solve anything up here, much, without a carrier-based OP phone (plus I've got a bit of bad-taste of OP right now, the Codec thing really shocked me, I couldn't believe they did something like this so poorly, the implementation...).

    IMHO OP needs to get their [email protected] together on A12, if they want to stay relevant, IMO. I'm sure they can continue for a bit, in some places, but if it's still such as disaster in a year, a "heap o' HUGE bugs" (my professional "opinion" as a mostly Win-based s/w and h/w engineering professional), I just don't see how people are going to want to buy many of these things...

    Oh yeah, and low-light pics now "just work", too. I've done some "real photography" in my past, so I'm always comparing/contrasting my phone cameras (even though they don't compare to a "real lens camera with real depth-of-field", it's nice to have a handy-camera that's always around). It's another deal where the Pixel 6 Pro "just works", or I haven't been able to find a pic yet, with it, where the sensor-algo "dithered the darker areas to death", like the OP 9 Pro does, pretty often. I've written and tested some graphics-drivers, in the past, so I have some decent insight into how the sensor translation works (it's essentially the inverse of a display or printer driver, with some bonus stuff that I don't 100% have insight into), or perhaps how it "fails to work consistently, on the 9 Pro, in dim-light".

    Anyway, I feel like you're one of the few persons that I've had some decent exchanges here with, good technical ones, so I'm sort of just "riffing my gripes" here, and closing myself out, mostly, for now (OP is REALLY going to have get a LOT better, at fixing their A12 "mess", for me to return, a LOT better).

    Have a good one, I'll miss the OP forums, truly, even though I have to "page past" all of the "I want an update..." posts, here... ;-]
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  18. Swejuggalo
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Apr 22, 2022

    Swejuggalo , Apr 22, 2022 :
    Sad to see you go. Maybe you will return one day. You can always spend some time here anyway when you have boring moments 😉
    Plenty of Pixel users here 😋

  19. jpietrzak8
    Honeycomb Apr 25, 2022

    jpietrzak8 , Apr 25, 2022 :
    Hey, just wanted to chime in here; I thought everybody here was already up to date on the whole OxygenOS 12 / ColorOS 12 debacle, but just in case you missed it: OnePlus' parent company (BBK Electronics) wanted to merge it with its sibling (Oppo), and maintain a single Android skin rather than supporting two completely different ones. This, as you may have noticed, did not go well. They didn't even get close to completing the merging of the two skins in time for the 2021 phone lineup, and so they backed out of the merger at the very last minute, reverting to separate OxygenOS and ColorOS releases for 12.

    So yeah, OxygenOS 12 is feature-incomplete, buggy, and still has the question of whether it will be supported into the future or replaced by a future version of ColorOS. Until BBK gets its act together, the OnePlus software stack will continue to suffer. :(

  20. pgrey
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 26, 2022

    pgrey , Apr 26, 2022 :
    Yeah, maybe, I've already managed to respond to a couple of posts (without holding a current phone from OP), suggesting that some others open bug-reports (I've probably said this a zillion times though, and I'm sure you're well-past 10-zillion, not to put words in your mouth or anything... o_O:D
    I'll probably trail off, like when I left the customer-admin deal I had, for a lot of years, with my carriers' forums (one that failed to recognize that non-carrier 5G phones were "a thing", you can probably guess...).
    I said I'd stay around, but ultimately I sort of wound-down, over time, and moved on, and they eventually removed my Admin privileges...
    Some of that energy I placed into OP forums, and more into XDA, because it's more interesting, and less contentious, in terms of technical accuracy (you get slapped-down on XDA for posting bad material, or similar, IME :p:D). Most of the energy just went back into some work, and riding the road-bike faster and faster, and still skiing faster than I should (no longer racing either, but still participating with those that are, which keeps me on-my-toes), for my age (I'm sort of a speed-junky, from some years back, not the drug, but doing things too fast for my own good, but perhaps better for me than other addictions, or that's what I tell myself).
    I'm not sure where I'll land this time though, the Pixel forums are "odd", if you ask me; I don't know how else to describe them, they're not bad-odd, just "odd".

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