Poco F3 GT just killed the OP Nord 2!: Frankie Tech

  1. malidan
    Nougat Jul 23, 2021

    malidan , Jul 23, 2021 :
    Frankie Tech offered his thoughts on the release of the two devices.
    He has some very compelling arguments and on the balance I would agree with him.

    Njoy:D but most likely not :rolleyes:

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  2. Loveit
    KitKat Jul 27, 2021

    Loveit , Jul 27, 2021 :
    I find this guy super annoying. Talks like he's a on a kids TV show.

    Fair points he makes though.

  3. malidan
    Nougat Jul 27, 2021

    malidan , Jul 27, 2021 :
    Lol he does have his own style but he does tell it the way it is in the main, unlike the free phone Charlie's that fill YouTube with hype and shrill reviews.
    I like his take on performance reviews.

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  4. NaXal
    Honeycomb Aug 4, 2021

    NaXal , Aug 4, 2021 :
    Got the F3 GT 8/265 variant.

    Few negatives,

    1. Camera is behind - may be it's a software thing but as of posting this, Camera feels really behind. Something can never be fixed, like hardware short coming, lack of OIS for low light performance

    2. Not a fan of MiUi - subjective thing, many may like it or simply won't bother comparing

    3. Availability issue & unreliable Flipkart only sale

    4. Doesn't look or feel like a 30k device - again a subjective issue, personal opinion.

    5. Relatively heavy built, feels heavy on hand, specially for long duration gaming but I expect my wrist to get used to it in a few days time

    Although SoC is definitely fast but in general, somehow games & stuff feels better optimized for Snapdragon. Bit of software roughness with MiUi can be felt everywhere.



  5. malidan
    Nougat Aug 4, 2021

    malidan , Aug 4, 2021 :
    The camera feels like it's behind?

    Behind what?🤔

    It doesn't feel like a 30K Device.

    Which 26K device are you comparing it to?🤔
    The 4k you supposedly paid for ram and storage doesn't affect the feel of the phone.

    You don't like Miui, yet you spend 30k on a device.:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:

    Flipkart? I'm going to totally ignore that one.:confused:

    Feel heavy in the hand.?

    Games feel more optimised on a Snapdragon.😂😂😂
    Which Snapdragon?

    This is third rate trolling at its worst. You offer alll the these observations on a phone that is in a sealed box.:rolleyes:

    Exploding OP Nord 2 5G's must be better right.;)
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  6. NaXal
    Honeycomb Aug 6, 2021

    NaXal , Aug 6, 2021 :
    Discussions are held for exchanging ideas and views.

    No point in argument for winning a debate about something which has very little benefit in life.

    So I shall try to only reply few of your lines, which are still in good spirit of discussion and sharing ideas




    Unless I use something, how I am suppose to judge it and come to an opinion about it?

    By watching YouTube?

    Mainly Poco X3 Pro running SD860 - almost 10k cheaper - presently running with good exchange offers too.

    Even some of the SD7xx runs many things smoother..

    However, few apps does show the difference between SD 7xx series or to some extend lower end SD 8xx and this Dimensity 1200. Mainly Apps like Premiere Rush, rendering stuff like butter !!

    YES. I DID and just like I spent my money, I shared my personal observations and opinion about this device.

    This is neither to convince anyone not to buy something or to buy that thing, its only about sharing and exchanging views and ideas !!


  7. malidan
    Nougat Aug 6, 2021

    malidan , Aug 6, 2021 :
    What discussion ? You entered making claims you have not substantiated and now you want to cherry pick your answers to what I said about your comments. The typical fanboy tactic, run away for that which is fact and apply more opinion.

    You say you didn't intend to convince anyone yet what does Flipkart have to do with this device? They didn't make it, what negative against the device can be labelled by mentioning Flipkart?
    Out of stock, how many countries have OP listed a device for nobody to be able to buy it? Can you kindly show me WHERE on the forum you listed this as a negative against any OP device? Did you state that an exploding Nord 2' was a negative?

    There is the intent and your statements now a contradiction to what you previously stated.

    It does not feel 30k phone, this is not meant to convince people not to buy the phone? As I said earlier 26k is a physical build so which 26K device are you comparing it to?

    Which 700 series runs smoother? Source.

    Poco X3 Pro 😂 This is a plastic phone right? That is a rank midranger, with a midranged build and a midrange screen, even at £160 could not bring myself to buy it. So you want to compare a over 2 year optimised SOC against a 3-4 months optimised SOC? The Dimensity is just behind SD870 so it's more than well ahead of the SD860 in accordance to physical testing and not opinion and as a device it's in a different league to the X3 Pro.


    The gap is massive.

    Your trolling rating has fallen for not substantiating ANYTHING you have said and offering even more opinion, ie.
    Apps like, to mention ONE solitary app.:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:

    Do you really have that Phone and have you actually tested against something else other than a budget or midranged phone, the run of the mill comments and opinions are not going to work here.:rolleyes:
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  8. malidan
    Nougat Aug 7, 2021

    malidan , Aug 7, 2021 :
    I was just wondering what were your thoughts on the fact this is lighter than OnePlus's best and you also didn't comeback on the camera being behind thin air.:D
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  9. malidan
    Nougat Aug 7, 2021

    malidan , Aug 7, 2021 :
    I only post deleted his stuff for fun and it is, almost every single app to the GT.


  10. K1ngP1n
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 7, 2021

    K1ngP1n , Aug 7, 2021 :
    What games you playing on this, is it worth to recommend, few of my friends are into in gaming and they looking for a good device.

    After that blast thing they not even thinking for NORD

  11. BikerMom
    Honeycomb Aug 7, 2021

    BikerMom , Aug 7, 2021 :
    Nord 2?

  12. malidan
    Nougat Aug 8, 2021

  13. B_Wrath
    Nougat Aug 8, 2021

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    Honeycomb Aug 8, 2021

  15. malidan
    Nougat Aug 8, 2021

  16. malidan
    Nougat Aug 8, 2021

    malidan , Aug 8, 2021 :
    It all on the low-down , if this was Samsung it would be all over YouTube. Hold it was a few years ago. :rolleyes: