POLL: Are you happy with the dimensions?


Are you upset about the OnePlus One's size?

  1. Yes. I actually believed in a smaller body à la Xperia Z1. That's what they promised.

  2. No. I don't mind the Note 3 size.

  1. Phantom
    Honeycomb Apr 23, 2014

    Phantom , Apr 23, 2014 :
    it is near the bottom 8,6mm and up it is 4,8mm
    that Interpret from the picture

  2. RensBlom
    Honeycomb Apr 23, 2014

    RensBlom , Apr 23, 2014 :
    I understand you. Look, people thought the One was going to be a 'small' phone and now they are upset because the phone dimensions are a lot bigger then expected. So for some people it is a reason.

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  3. m.dewan
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2014

    m.dewan , Apr 23, 2014 :
    Absolutely agree. Well said. Its way too big.


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  4. Soundmouse
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 23, 2014

    Soundmouse , Apr 23, 2014 :
    Considering the price tag, specs and overall look of the phone, no i do not mind its dimensions.

  5. aimetti
    Froyo Apr 23, 2014

    aimetti , Apr 23, 2014 :
    "legitimate , honest marketing" haha funny

    Great phone for the price tho.

  6. euror
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

  7. Noodle dmx
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

    Noodle dmx , Apr 23, 2014 :
    In my opinion the phone is really big and I'm afraid that, between sports and school, can be cumbersome

  8. Luca85
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2014

  9. cpaixao
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

    cpaixao , Apr 23, 2014 :
    @ozi2007 agreed you with bro. Thus it is yet a damm gud phone for that price. But I was hopping thinner bezels as Sharp Aquos 302SH or LG isai FL. Thus the bezel thing is not no-go for me, the broken promise is.
    I don't care what rivals phones offers, OPO had frustrated people not considering the rivals, but for themselves.

  10. Chrisceng
    Donut Apr 23, 2014

    Chrisceng , Apr 23, 2014 :
    Even Apple are gonna make bigger phones, surely it is quite widely acceptable in the society although some people still can't agree with it. However, when OnePlus took that photo showing that the One is underneath the Z1, they made things blurred. That marketing campaign was not clear although that's most manufacturers usually do. They were not totally lying, they were implying another meaning in their words while all people think they have fit a 5.5" screen into a 5" phone case in all aspects but however OnePlus themselves only meant the width... This is a bit misleading in fact. Anyway, I appreciate this phone.

  11. santipé
    Donut Apr 23, 2014

    santipé , Apr 23, 2014 :
    I totally agree. How am I even supossed to carry that into a pocket of my jeans? Should I get a bag for it?
    Just two cm less and it would have been great, even with a 5 inch display. And what to say about all that "huge display into not huge body" stuff.
    The price is awsome, yes, but the device is not for me.

  12. MSD
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 23, 2014

    MSD , Apr 23, 2014 :
    I don't think they outright lied to us...they were never clear on the exact details. Even their leaks were done in such a matter.

    They stretched the truth, and we as users bought the hype which we also created.

    Am I happy about the sheer size, NO. What One+ should learn from other companies is this...do not OVER-hype..because you won't be able to deliver.

    Don't alienate other OEM's when you yourself are barely holding yourself together. Jabbing others about bad design...then that bezel on the One+ bottom especially if you use the on screen buttons...that's just monstrous.

    Forum software limitation, server can't handle the rush of users, malfunctioning shops, Invitation system etc...there are plenty of things one can point to One+ as well...there is no need for Jabbing.

    Create a product, high quality product and your product will speak for itself. Take the best from other companies instead of finding and showing us the worst in others.

    Just my two cents...

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  13. DrayPrescot
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2014

    DrayPrescot , Apr 23, 2014 :
    In my opinion it is a great phone for a great price. But only for people who are willing to carry a brick around with them.
    In my opinion 5 inch is the absolute limit. I allready dislike the size of my Huawei Ascend G615, so this phone is a absolute no go for me. Even for this really good price of 300€.

    Also it is a shame that a young company must do fake promises like fitting 5.5 inch in 5 inch body. I think people wouldn't be so upset if they said in the beginning that they are building a phablet.

  14. san5324
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2014

    san5324 , Apr 23, 2014 :
    I love how people defend the lie from the one+ team. They said it would be smaller than a 5 inch and it is not.

  15. riffraff81
    KitKat Apr 23, 2014

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  16. worco
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

  17. Suneth
    Honeycomb Apr 23, 2014

    Suneth , Apr 23, 2014 :
    i owned a inew V3. its a 5 inch phone its not that big to hold in my hand when compare with One plus one dimensions

    inew V3 142.5 x 70.8 x 8.4mm
    Oneplus one 152,9 x 75,9 x 8,9 mm

    as you see can its not much of a difference only 5.1mm wider and 10.4mm long. i will buy this if i can get a invite. and at this price you cant complain

  18. Altezza200
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2014

    Altezza200 , Apr 23, 2014 :
    I feel disappointed about OPO not being Z1 size. Note 3 is the biggest phone that I would pocket, so definitely will still buy OPO if I get an invite :)

  19. FreyaZhang
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2014

  20. ΜητΣος7
    Honeycomb Apr 23, 2014

    ΜητΣος7 , Apr 23, 2014 :
    damn...voted for the wrong one Lol
    I usually hate large phones like the oneplus one, but damn its only 300euros for the 64gb version.
    The nexus5 was my limit with the size but damn that price...
    I might buy it but only for the awesome price Lol
    If battery life and everything else good i´ll buy it tho