[poll] How much are you disappointed from OnePlus 5


Are you happy with Oneplus approch with oneplus 5

  1. Yes

  2. NO

  1. williamns99
    Cupcake Jul 16, 2017

  2. sachin.controlagain2
    Eclair Jul 16, 2017

    sachin.controlagain2 , Jul 16, 2017 :
    i dont know y people comparing a 33k phone with 60k phone like s8 plus and i7plus, about the price hike with every new model in Oneplus, How can people expect to get an upgraded version of previous generation with increase in the cost. Of you want better specs and performance than the last model ,it will cost more. A single lens phone cannoot be of same price a phone having dual lens.

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  3. codemen2
    Cupcake Jul 16, 2017

    codemen2 , Jul 16, 2017 :
    Tbh I don't got any problems with the phone itself, it's just some issues with the software (coming from an iPhone so that might be it)

  4. Nilesh Naliyadara
    Cupcake Jul 16, 2017

  5. MaximusWhite
    Donut Jul 16, 2017

    MaximusWhite , Jul 16, 2017 :
    For me the most disappointment is the alert slider. I expected some real good customization, and here we are with alarm ringing on silent mode...
    Another thing is Bluetooth, I feel like the Bluetooth chip is not powerful enough, because my headphones and speakers stutter a lot with this phone (which is funny, considering they mentioned lack of stuttering in their presentation as a part of "smooth" experience of OP5).
    Other than that, pretty ok with what I got, but these two things actually piss me off real bad.

  6. TonioLA
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 16, 2017

    TonioLA , Jul 16, 2017 :
    let's be honest. one plus 5 is just better than g6... but it's a personal preference on design screen or os

  7. mkrogh
    Froyo Jul 16, 2017

    mkrogh , Jul 16, 2017 :

    Nice post :)

    1: a matter of opinion
    2: The cam is really good
    3: There is stabilsation in 1080P (and Pei statet it will come in 4K) I dont record 4K video anyway, mostly because of the huge space it consumes.
    3,5 QHD - HTF cares - its a 5.5 inch screen ;-) my 46 inch TV is 1080 P - absolutely not nessecary :)
    4: Well havent read about it -
    5: Hahaha - thats just plain fun :D
    6: Still a lot of phone for the money ;-)

    Have a nice day :)

  8. Arthi Prabu
    Froyo Jul 16, 2017

    Arthi Prabu , Jul 16, 2017 :
    Really? It is great and more than what u pay... S I too badly needed Ip certification but not Qhd bcz there is no use of that in day to day life... Except that everything works fine for what I paid... U may feel it Is iphone 7 copy until u hold it in ur hand... I too had the same feeling but now when am having it in my hand I feel that it's ma sexy friend... Finally this is the best phone they( oneplus) hv ever produced... I really lv it... It's my personal opinion... U may differ...

  9. Bryn26
    Honeycomb Jul 16, 2017

    Bryn26 , Jul 16, 2017 :
    OxygenOS is the OP5's killer feature imo. What don't you like about it? Or are you referring to the actual apps you're running? One nuisance with Android is that you need to find the right apps for an optimal experience.

    If you're a total Android noob, I strongly recommend these apps:

    - Brave Browser. Identical to Chrome but blocks ads.
    - Aqua Mail (paid). Crazy level of customisation.
    - Pocket Casts. Best podcast app with awesome web app.
    - Fenix 2. Best Twitter app.
    - Simple Pro. Battery friendly alternative to Facebook app.
    - Apple Music is excellent on Android if you use that already.
    - Nova Launcher Prime. Best launcher by miles.
    - Relay Pro. Best Reddit app imo.
    - Solid Explorer. Best file manager.
    - MX Player Pro. Best video player.
    - AppSales. Score free apps every single day.
    - Swiftkey. Best keyboard.

  10. codemen2
    Cupcake Jul 16, 2017

    codemen2 , Jul 16, 2017 :
    Ah sweet! Well it's just that some apps are a huge cluster ****! And some notifications don't work.. I'll try some of your apps! Maybe that will brighten my day! Thanks