Poor service response from Ctdi

  1. B1591433145227
    Eclair Jan 19, 2022

    B1591433145227 , Jan 19, 2022 :
    I would like to express here my disappointment for the device i have sent in the European OnePlus service center.

    I have sent my device having a faulty battery which i assume has been caused by overheating.

    I have been provided with a response the service team stating that i should be charged also for the cost of a damaged screen!

    My device's screen was unharmed and working properly untill the very moment it left my hands in the original OP8 package cost as depicted in the provided pics.

    I have requested through a relevant chat an escalation process to be initiated. (Very polite agent, but few things he could do/say but its just his position so no hard feelings)

    I have also sent my complaints to a provided address in the email i received.

    Any info from users on how to proceed with this case would be much, much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  2. B1591433145227
    Eclair Jan 19, 2022

    B1591433145227 , Jan 19, 2022 :
    Even though people should be aware of customer support responsiveness etc i would appreciate if this could be moved to a more relevant forum than the op10. Kindly excuse me for the inconvenience.

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  3. Bobbie63
    Nougat Jan 19, 2022

    Bobbie63 , Jan 19, 2022 :
    You might want to add the phone model, so a moderator can move your thread to a more appropriate section. As for your case, maybe some additional information could help a moderator escalate your case.
    • I understand you have requested for an escalation, what was their answer to that?
    • Did they send you any pictures of the damaged screen?
    • Did you add the picture you shared in your previous post in your mail?

    I can ask @superplus to move your thread to the proper section and maybe she'll be able to help you.

    @superplus, can you......please.:):):) (sorry to tag you again)

  4. B1591433145227
    Eclair Jan 19, 2022

    B1591433145227 , Jan 19, 2022 :
    I am so frustrated that i have asked thread movement without even pisting the phone model. Go figure.. however i am talking about an OP8.

    Yes, i have included 4 photos of the device before the dispatch with no screen damage indication.

    They have provided a pic resolution which is probably shot with a 0.1 megapixel cam. I cannot even understand where the damage is on the screen.

    I asked for a customer care email address to complain but i was informed that they do not have sth relevant.

    I have managed to reply to the service center but i would also like to escalate to the HQ. I am willing to move any European/Polish authority support mechanism unless am provided with clear proof and indication of the damaged screen.

    I have sent the device for battery replacement and they charge me with an additional screen replacement. This is nuts.

    Posting also here a couple of photos used to open the RMA and the one i received by the tech team.

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  5. Bobbie63
    Nougat Jan 19, 2022

    Bobbie63 , Jan 19, 2022 :
    Thank you, I understand you frustration. All that can be done here right now is ask @superplus to escalate your case and hope your issue gets solved anytime soon.

    As for the screen, on that picture it just looks like it got detached from the frames, like the glue let go but I can't be sure.

    Edit: oh and please keep in mind, moderators are in no way working for OnePlus. They are users just like you and me just with some more ways to escalate than we do.

  6. ghostofcain
    Marshmallow Jan 19, 2022

    ghostofcain , Jan 19, 2022 :
    It was unlikely you where posting about a 10 pro, which was the forum you chose to post to. So yes moving it was appropriate.

    This is a user forum, the best you can hope for here is a moderator to try and escalate this with CS.

    If it needs a screen replacement it isn't nuts to do it, the question remains why should you pay if it was dispatched undamaged.

    Again this is a user forum, all we can do is wish you good luck.

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  7. superplus
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Jan 20, 2022

    superplus , Jan 20, 2022 :
    Thanks for the tag @Bobbie63

    @B1591433145227 I've moved your thread to the OnePlus 8 General Support section. Just to confirm, what was the reason you sent it in? You mentioned a faulty battery, but in your RMA-pictures, it seems that the back panel actually had become a bit separated from the frame? But otherwise, the device was working and charging and holding charge?

  8. B1591433145227
    Eclair Jan 20, 2022

    B1591433145227 , Jan 20, 2022 :
    Hi all, thank you for your time.
    I have initiated the RMA process for battery swelling which indeed detached the back cover without braking.

    The screen was not affected and the device was working properly until dispatched.

    I am aware that this is just a forum and thank you again for your responses, i proceeded opening this thread as i would like to express my dissapointment on the customer support that before buying i was considering a plus.

    It would maybe helpful for others to know that there is a company out there that for a phone with a bulged battery (potentially very hazardous) is asking 250 euros to repair it because of a damaged screen that left my premises untouched.

    On the other hand i d like to add that the phone was in my opinion the best device i ever had.

    Its just that the company's image is fading. Thats all.

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  9. superplus
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Jan 24, 2022

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  10. B1591433145227
    Eclair Jan 31, 2022

    B1591433145227 , via OnePlus 8 , Jan 31, 2022 :
    Thank you for willingness to intervene. Now lets update this with the happy end.
    I am not sure who exactly assisted with this, was it someone from here, the OnePlus support team (the guy I chatted with maybe). said:
    Long story short from the initial communication channel through the service center I was getting the "there is a bent on the screen you should fix it to avoid future issues" approach and from the OnePlus support comm channel I got a "it was en error in the device's evaluation process" approach.
    The good thing is that I am writing from the device at the moment and it's screen is in perfect shape as it was when I sent it in for battery replacement. As a matter of fact I wasn't charged for the battery or any adhesive used as the company registered it under warranty.
    I really cannot see any bent and honestly from my experience in servicing mobile devices I have seen the so fragile screens broken or scratched but bent screen? I didn't come across any.
    I am a bit disappointed because if I had not taken the pics prior to dispatching or having strong objections for the initial 250 euros charge , now I would have payed without obvious reasons and I consider this a shame for after sales support.
    So, my trust to OP is beaten to death even if obviously there are people working there that really care for the customer.
    Thank you all for letting me informing the community on this and for any advise provided or any intervention that might have happened due to this thread.

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  11. superplus
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Jan 31, 2022

    superplus , Jan 31, 2022 :
    Thanks for the update @B1591433145227, I'm glad to hear you managed to get your device back and in good working order, without the repair charge, though indeed it would've been preferable not to have had to go through the whole ordeal in the first place.

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  12. Mr. BG
    Welcoming Expert, Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Jan 31, 2022

    Mr. BG , Jan 31, 2022 :
    All is well that ends well, I'm glad it got resolved.

    As a rule it's commendable to make photos before sending it off, things may break in transport etc. it's just the right thing to do.

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  13. B1591433145227
    Eclair Jan 31, 2022

    B1591433145227 , via OnePlus 8 , Jan 31, 2022 :
    From my experience only a handful of customer followed that. Usually it was me taking the pics in front of the customer, writing down any possible defects so that nobody comes in surprise in the process.
    That's the reason I took the photos myself, and when discussing the situation with my current colleagues (4/4 of them have OP) I got the feedback that none of them would have taken pics prior to dispatching.
    The obvious difference here is that when I had customers bringing the device for USB port for example I would not try to charge for whatever I could come up with in order to raise the dpt's income.
    I was lucky enough to have some experience in repairs and Service Desk procedures but what if I was just a regular user.
    People rely on us to fix their services/devices. The error/fault can
    be already stressful enough for the customer. I find it major disrespect to make things worse. But it's just my opinion.

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  14. Mr. BG
    Welcoming Expert, Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Jan 31, 2022

    Mr. BG , Jan 31, 2022 :
    Can't say I disagree with you ;)

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