pop up camera

  1. C1560636977841 Cupcake Jun 18, 2019

    C1560636977841, Jun 18, 2019 :
    So I recently received the OnePlus 7 pro as a seed device from work and couldn't be anymore excited. I love so much about this company (especially compared to LG or Samsung) and felt like a kid on Christmas. long story short, I love testing phones out and try to utilize every aspect of them, especially the cameras. I have nothing bad to say about this device but I do feel like my pop up camera has been consistently getting louder. I keep extremely well care of my phones especially one like this, with mechanical parts. I don't get it near water, sand, or any sort of debris other than pocket lint. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this or if I'm just being picky. like I said, I feel like the pop up is getting louder, almost as if it's working harder to pop up the camera. can't find much about this online, so any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Ever7p Froyo Jul 18, 2019

    Ever7p, Jul 18, 2019 :
    It might be all in your head. Might not be. If you start experiencing any other issues other than noise I would get it checked