Advanced Portraits of India

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    Wise words captain xD can you reply to any of my post from the creative thread as i am not able to search it and i am having problem with logging in browser xD and damn i was in honorable mention.. Thanks @Mr.BG ( I wonder if i can mention like this) xD

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    It's not working :D

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    Gujarati girl, fascinating portrait!


    Here you see how breaking the rules (her face cut off top AND bottom) can work well

    Focus is on her eyes, background is a blur, so it won't distract.

    I'm hoping to see some more great portraits defining India.

    Remember, portraits are pictures of people, not just any pic shot in portrait mode ;)

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    Look at that smile...

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    ajshanker , Feb 14, 2018 :
    Firstly let's just get over the notion that taking a picture without editing is a great deal.

    It might showcase the prowness of your camera but it speaks very little about your taste in photography.
    We should be able to present to our audience an image we think is spectacular. nothing wrong in bringing about the contrast and colour we think would look great on it.

    I vented out only because you are a interested in photography, (deducing from the fact that you searched in threads to find this) and you shouldn't be lazy like everyone else by just posting simple snaps.
    Please..show us your best, I am sure this is not that. Go to the first post heed into some instructions and get inspired by some portraits here.

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