Possible to install oxygenOS on other phone of OP

  1. Enzo_Hondareite
    Cupcake Mar 12, 2018

  2. BeingIncog
    Nougat Mar 12, 2018

    BeingIncog , Mar 12, 2018 :

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  3. Nick 59
    Lollipop Mar 12, 2018

    Nick 59 , Mar 12, 2018 :
    No, not possible (unless someone over at XDA decides to port onto that particular device).
    Main reason is given in this thread :
    "Do remember that Kernels, ROMs, Custom Recoveries, etc. are all device specific. They are specific down to the component level. For example, devices like Samsung flagships that ship with Qualcomm processor in the USA and Exynos processor in other markets will require different custom ROMs, Recoveries, etc. Using the right files for flashing is extremely important to avoid bricking your device."

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