Post-launch AMA with Powerbang: Submit your questions now!

  1. AriesGO
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

  2. tewksindahat
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    tewksindahat , Sep 18, 2019 :
    Do you prefer to game on your OnePlus with the power cord plugged in or not? If so, do you use a 90 degree USB cord?

  3. maxypoops
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    maxypoops , Sep 18, 2019 :
    Gaming is getting more popular on mobile. This being said, why is the Oneplus 7t better than other gaming phones, such as the ROG Phone II, or the Razer Phone II? Each is in a similar price ball park.

  4. Ad0
    Donut Sep 18, 2019

  5. tripp777hello
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    tripp777hello , Sep 18, 2019 :
    hello being a gamer aesthetics can be important what color scheme would you prefer for the 7T e.g what color or colors would you like see the phone in and what accent color for the menus would you like to see?

  6. Modvane
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

  7. MG9
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    MG9 , Sep 18, 2019 :

    My question is, while playing PUBG and dominating the whole game, have you ever been killed by someone that was laying down on tall grass right at the end? what was your reaction?

    I chucked my phone btw, thankfully my one plus is ok.

    Thank you,

    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

  9. Austin.Wadva
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    Austin.Wadva , Sep 18, 2019 :
    Are there discussions to offer future OnePlus models in unique colors similar to what Samsung offers?

  10. Gharris02
    Eclair Sep 18, 2019

    Gharris02 , Sep 18, 2019 :
    Does the OnePlus 7t still have the pop-up front camera?

    If so does this affect face unlock is it slower do you decide just not to use it?

    What is your personal opinion on camera quality this time around?

    What would you compare gaming on the 7t to?

  11. G1565199524596
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    G1565199524596 , Sep 18, 2019 :
    Powerbang, how is long does the battery last if you play on Extreme Frames with HDR graphics?

    When it becomes low, do you prefer to charge and play while using your bullets?

  12. pvr4
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    pvr4 , Sep 18, 2019 :
    What new features (hardware and/or software) would you like to see in the new OnePlus 7 device?

  13. G_James_Wills_zDfr
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

  14. Kritinagarwal
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    Kritinagarwal , Sep 18, 2019 :
    Can the bullets 2 keep up with the 90hz display? Which ones are faster- the display or the earbuds?

  15. M1557782920145
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

  17. P1568815609666
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    P1568815609666 , Sep 18, 2019 :
    Does the phone get hot when playing on the highest setting?
    How responsive is the screen?
    How long can you play on one full charge?

  18. C1567174057931
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    C1567174057931 , Sep 18, 2019 :
    When playing PUBG on the 1+7T, did you feel the phone keep cool (no overheating) during gaming when the CPU/GPU undergoes higher than usual usage? Did the performance lag a little or at all during intense usage? I own a 1+7Pro with 8GB of RAM and I have not experienced any slowdown or lag with my phone yet. Hopefully the Snapdragon 855+ holds up as well. Thanks.

  19. CharlieBlackberry
    Donut Sep 18, 2019

    CharlieBlackberry , Sep 18, 2019 :
    Hey,honestly would you get your grandparents a pair of these new bulletWrls2 headphones, I mean my grandparents want it straight and simple. Does this hit that level of simplicity for you?

    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

  21. T1568815862905
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019

    T1568815862905 , Sep 18, 2019 :
    my question is can we expect to see a wireless charging OnePlus phone and will they also be able to charge our headphones and potentially a OnePlus watch? [e]1f440[/e]

  22. F1566843283948
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2019