#powerofcommunity – PROJECT C Recap and Survey

  1. dsmonteiro
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    dsmonteiro , Sep 28, 2021 :
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    By now, #powerofcommunity is a name all of you should be familiar with. Our co-creation campaign has two very public sides – the co-creation water bottle, and the comics @Karis Y. posts every week. Today, I want to tell you about a less visible side, something that has been happening behind the curtain with OneLab.

    When we first unveiled #powerofcommunity, we invited 5 users to have a special role throughout the campaign’s lifecycle and experience what is like to go from idea to product. For that, OneLab was key. Being a cradle for innovative ideas, OneLab put in place what we’re internally calling PROJECT C. This project’s goal is to go from nothing to a fully formed virtual product thanks to co-creation and the involvement of these 5 core users (and a few other guests along the way).

    I’ve invited @Sam T. to tell you all about how the process works so far:

    When generating a new concept or feature, it's always important to start with a target user group. This allows you to focus on the needs of the user and solving a problem, rather than creating something and then needing to create the problem it solves. For Project C we chose to focus on the new styles of working such as remote, hybrid or flexible, an area with filled with change.

    Jumping straight into creating something is a recipe for disaster. Sitting there trying to think of the next big thing is impossible! After understanding the users, our process for innovation focuses on the problem rather than the solution. We'll undertake both primary and secondary research across our target audience and collect all the problems we come across. These problems will then be group and turned into 'how might we' questions. For instance: Problem = I hate having to email myself images. Question = How might we improve the sharing of files across devices?

    Finally, it's time to start problem solving. Our mantra in these sessions is 1) 'there are no bad ideas', 2) force yourself to write everything down and 3) don’t take too long on a certain topic. We use a technique called Crazy 8s. It’s very easy to explain: you need to come up with 8 ideas in 8 minutes! After everyone has scribbled down their ideas, we'll share them around the room. Often this process will spark people to generate new or combined ideas based off the thinking of their peers. This is where the magic really happens.

    At OneLab, we've been honing this process over a number of years and have had to overcome some serious roadblocks along the way, from turning it fully virtual to finding an online alternative to post it notes. We know there are a lot of improvements to be made but we have learned to relax and trust the process! Features and apps such as Clipt, WellPaper, Bitmoji AOD and Group Zen have all come from this process and we're excited to run it hand in hand with our Community.

    It was this very same process that we applied to brainstorm ideas with our core #powerofcommunity users. We held a first brainstorming session to understand what problems they were facing, and then a crazy Crazy 8s session where we all (including myself) spitballed ideas to solve those problems. Now, after distilling and combining over X ideas generated by the participants, we want to tap into the #powerofcommunity to better understand what matters to you. Check the survey below, and help us understand which direction OneLab’s PROJECT C should take!


  2. dsmonteiro
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    dsmonteiro , Sep 28, 2021 :
    Most of what OneLab works on takes the form of third-party apps that can be installed by anyone, OnePlus user or not. This is also the case with Project C.

  3. Darkmaster27
    Eclair Sep 28, 2021

    Darkmaster27 , Sep 28, 2021 :
    I really this Power of Community thing! Definitely looking forward to more from the project.

    I filled the survey, a waiting about some features mentioned in it. I don't really know if they will make there way soon or never...
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  9. Navdeep_Malik
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus TV U1S Sep 28, 2021

    Navdeep_Malik , Sep 28, 2021 :
    Hi Ds completed the survey! Does the notes feature point to the release of the rumored Tab? Nevertheless, that would be useful! Please don't add any bloat to the OS like app cleaner. Just my opinion. :)

  10. B_Wrath
    Nougat Sep 28, 2021

    B_Wrath , Sep 28, 2021 :
    To be honest, the first two are just similar to the Google notes and Google files app.
    Only the third one was kind of unique. But wellpaper already does it. I wish it was on top of what wellpaper could do.

  11. we_need
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  12. Giovanni_S
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  13. dsmonteiro
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    dsmonteiro , Sep 28, 2021 :
    I like Google Keep, but it's quite unidimensional (text-based note taking + photos). The idea for the app above came from the fact that many of us at the Crazy 8s session felt like there wasn't an app that would be able to handle notes in different rich-media formats properly.

    Think you're in charge of a meeting's minutes, and you take audio notes, written notes as well a few pictures. Add a few PDF documents from the meeting itself and you have a whole lot of information that you can't easily go through without opening it all one by one and checking what's inside.

    (Sorry if I feel passionate about this one, this was one of the ideas I had some influence in 😅)

  14. B_Wrath
    Nougat Sep 28, 2021

    B_Wrath , Sep 28, 2021 :
    So, kind of what Microsoft OneNote does? The only thing it misses is the search and sort function, I guess.

    Edit: by the way, I'm not downplaying the efforts you guys have put. But I'm just trying to help you guys not to waste time on an available product. I'm just thinking out loud.

  15. Navdeep_Malik
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus TV U1S Sep 28, 2021

    Navdeep_Malik , Sep 28, 2021 :
    More like refined/buffed up version of Evernote?

  16. dsmonteiro
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    dsmonteiro , Sep 28, 2021 :
    The Notes app to rule all Notes apps. :D

  17. Technical SuranaJi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 28, 2021

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  18. Giovanni_S
    Honeycomb Sep 28, 2021

    Giovanni_S , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 28, 2021 :
    I actually like that idea.

    OneNote is already quite powerful, but I wouldn't mind seeing some competition in that space.

    Just keep in mind that the transition from other platforms should be as simple as possible. I've talked to a few people about different note-taking apps, and that seems to be what holds them back from switching the most.

    Microsoft made a tool a few years back, but now it has slowly become obsolete.

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  19. Starcommander
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Sep 28, 2021

    Starcommander , Sep 28, 2021 :
    The really like the notes idea however the same was implemented in Samsung Note phones if I remember correctly. I would love that idea to be implemented but it is not unique.

    The idea of web page replacement of app seems unique but what I feel is, the web apps cannot replace the standalone apps as of now. They feel like an app but don't give the complete experience of an app. So I probably wouldn't like to have that one as long as the web apps aren't polished to match the potential of standalone apps.

    Clean apps gave me vibes of clean master.

    Wallpaper is already available in the form of wellpaper. So I don't know why was it in the form.

  20. Overzee
    The Showcase Reviewer Sep 28, 2021

    Overzee , Sep 28, 2021 :
    Filled the form, I think it's great to get the opinion of the community for these features, I saw some great stuff!

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  21. SRD.
    Lollipop Sep 28, 2021

    SRD. , Sep 28, 2021 :
    Some of the ideas are unique and some are a little modified version.

    I have submitted an idea for Notes app


    But the present Notes idea is much more fulfilling. I know there are apps which takes care of most of the things -
    But no Notes app is perfect so far.

    About integrating Apps to web based one ( I can see a dinosaur with No internet )
    Good idea but again usefulness is a matter.

    App Cleaner ( I can remember someone opposed me for an idea of a single tap memory manager , do you know who he is @dsmonteiro ? 😉) Unable to find that though.

    Filled the survey and I am happy to know the way Onelab is working.


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