1. diana.bierova
    Honeycomb Nov 14, 2014

    diana.bierova , Nov 14, 2014 :
    ITS COMING... OMG.... only 2 day...17hour..53 minuts and 16..15..14seconds...LOL

    i'm very nervous, excited, overwhelmed, just wanna scream AAAAAAAHHHHHHH,
    what can i do to make sure i will get this fantastic device.....within 3 day I'm GINGERBREAD, cause i'm talking with fantastic people, and for some of them I maybe making stupid threads under OFF TOPIC, but having fun and learning and listening everyone's opinion and experience.....

    I'm more than ready for MONDAY NOV.17/2014.... too bad i have meeting the first 45 minutes when the pre-ordering starts... Can somebody give me a hope I will be able to log in and the server will be functional and i will order my dream phone???

    Be nice!!!!!!!!!!, cause I think I'm being a LUNATIC thinking i will be able to get on the server, but maybe you can give me advice how to do it...

    thank you :)
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