Press power button to lock phone, screen turns off but backlight comes back on

  1. riahc3
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 22, 2015

    riahc3 , Sep 22, 2015 :
    Weird bug

    I lock my phone using the power button and it does lock it and turn off the display but after a few seconds, the light around the diplaay lights up so you know it is the backlight plus it shows black instead of the turned off display.


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  2. Rigor_M
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2015

    Rigor_M , Oct 1, 2015 :
    I have the exact same problem.. it started after updating to CM12.1 (Android 5.1.1). And I'll add that the drop notification started to act up again.. (shading over the end call button when trying to end a call).. the bug was gone in 5.0.0.. now looks like its back.

  3. trevits
    Cupcake Oct 21, 2015

    trevits , Oct 21, 2015 :
    (CM12.1 and Android 5.1.1) I have the 2 exact same issues as Rigor_M and at times, for apparently no reason, horrible battery time. It might be connected to the backlight issue but I only recently became aware of it.

  4. thenicologix
    Gingerbread Oct 21, 2015

  5. Szabolcs Molnar
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2015

    Szabolcs Molnar , Oct 30, 2015 :
    Same here. Battery life has degraded dramatically, and only thing i can think off is the backlight issue.

  6. jbiggz
    Cupcake Nov 7, 2015

    jbiggz , Nov 7, 2015 :
    Also have the same problem since the update, can`t find any support. Any updates?

  7. bluttraum
    Cupcake Feb 3, 2016