Price Difference of OPO Between US & India

  1. nabeeljay
    Froyo Jul 22, 2015

    nabeeljay , Jul 22, 2015 :
    When I checked the prices of the OPO on the facelifted oneplus.net, I was very happpy to find out that the prices of both the 16/64 GB models were slashed by $50. But my happiness was short lived, when I checked the Indian variant of the website, I was greeted with the same old price tag. When I contacted the Indian OnePlus team on twitter, they said there's a possibility but no confirmation. After that I headed towards the original OnePlus team, but my tweet was left in vain. I even contacted the sellers of OPO in India (Amazon, Flipkart). While Amazon too hinted at a possibility, but both eventually said no official confirmation has been received by them.
    Can anybody give me some additional info regarding the price decrease of OPO in India?