[Prizes updated!] OnePlus 6T #SilentUnboxing Challenge

  1. OnePlus_Heard_U
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    OnePlus_Heard_U , Nov 9, 2018 :


    Thanks for the opportunity, Ruby - it’s a cool idea

    I’m not going to participate, but I can recommend you a good silent movie, “Speedy”

    Best of luck to everyone that’s going to try and win the big prizes, hope you have fun participating.​

    Hey Cheetos

    How is it going?

    I would like to add to your speedy.

    what say?

    Good Luck all OP 6T users.
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  10. pillow35
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    pillow35 , Nov 10, 2018 :

    Here comes the new oneplus, can't wait to unbox it
    at the opening a very nice box with a new design.
    The phone picking is very comfortable as the previous model even if it seems thicker. The rendering is the most beautiful effect in Midnight Black version and the matte coating.
    First points that stands out, there is no more fingerprint sensor on the back and Jack plug is gone. no problem, I use a Bluetooth headset and USB C headphones are provided (for France anyway ^ ^).
    Turn on the phone and yes,the screen is obvious and appears in all its size with a reduced notch much more discreet. it will surely be easier than OP6.
    OxygenOS is as smooth as usual, it must now be discovered and tested. See also the photo performances.
    But damn, where is the notification led, it's for the moment the negative point which, for me, comes first

    OP6T unboxing - Only made with my OP5T
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  11. If_Ionut
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    If_Ionut , Nov 10, 2018 :


    This is my silent unboxing and short review of OnePlus 6T.

    My previous smartphone was from another company, i don`t know if I am allowed to mention the name, but not worth it. Not high end smartphone but good enough at the time it was bought. I used the smartphone at full possibilities. Listen music, GPS tracker for sport activities, GPS helper on car, Payments with NFC, playing some games taking pictures and the list may continue... but with time, battery gone bad, really bad. fully charged, i can use my previous smartphone at about half an hour, so I decided to get a new smartphone. While I was looking online at smartphones, one colleague told me about OnePlus ... and that time I heard for the 1st time about you.

    I was ready to buy OP 6, but I discovered that 6T was announced. So I waited and ordered the 6T and bullets wireless on 6 November, unboxed on 9 November.

    5 days in use:
    First impression regarding the shape, contour and feeling in my hand. it feels so good...
    Fingerprint scanner placed under display is nice. My older phone has also a fingerprint reader placed on front side, below (underneath) the screen, so while i keep my phone on desk, i like to touch it and to unlock if needed, without having lifting the phone to access the fingerprint reader / scanner .
    I like the idea to lock the screen by double tapping on home wallpaper...
    I like the visibility of the screen, i like also that low brightness - i use very low brightness in certain situation.
    The speed while loading games is impressive.
    Nice pictures, did not had enough time to use all the camera functions.
    The thing I like the most is that the phone charges from 0% to 100% in about 1h 15 min (75 min) which is impressive. and the battery lasts more than a day!!

    It feels good in my hand, but the smartphone is too long. I find it difficult to keep the smartphone with one hand, unlock it with thumb finger on bottom side of the screen and after that to tap on upper part of the screen...
    While most of the apps I use works good with extra long display, i play 2 games that have elements not looking so good.
    Tested today the GPS on a small bike ride, the GPS was slow responsive, maybe because of the cloudy sky. I will test more about it.

    Overall, I am happy to use the OnePlus 6T device.
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  12. Vito B.
    Community Manager France Staff Member Nov 10, 2018

    Vito B. , Nov 10, 2018 :
    Hi guys,

    Here is how I unbox my OnePlus 6T. For me it's a religious moment, the excitation of the new product is at its top.
    I wanted to show this in my video ;-)
    I've also made a version with some musics.
    Enjoy ;-)


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  13. NikRamakrishnan
    Froyo Nov 10, 2018

    NikRamakrishnan , Nov 10, 2018 :
    Here's my entry!

    My video focuses on the unboxing experience and the looks and functionality of the device.

    The moment I switched on my new OnePlus 6T, I was mesmerized by the edge-to-edge display with the tiny notch (this is how it should be done)! I was quite impressed by the screen unlock technology. Coming from a OnePlus 2, the upgrade was huge, and I was blown away by how fast and intuitively the device responded. The new Oxygen OS is an absolute delight to use, and I'm loving the gesture-based navigation. Another reason this phone is the best option on the market right now is the huge 3700 mAh battery which comfortably lasts all day, with the fastest charging out there, filling up the juice in less than an hour. With high quality build quality, cutting-edge technology, a camera competing with the top flagships out there, and a revolutionary under-screen fingerprint sensor, this device is a bang for the buck, and I'm glad I got it!

    I hope you enjoy the video!

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    E1541122496348 , Nov 10, 2018 :

    Here is my video of one plus 6T unboxing .

    I love the design of One plus 6T and the RAM and memory storage that it provides make me an loyal User. The state of art finger print sensor make it one of kind in North America. This one is bought as an gift. The video is shot using One plus 5 Time lapse feature and added some caption for some information. As can be guessed I am novice at it but it was great fun doing it with my kid!!!

  16. Vito B.
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