Problem connecting Bullets Wireless 2 earphones to Mac Book Pro

  1. Quetzal
    Cupcake Jan 19, 2020

    Quetzal , Jan 19, 2020 :
    I really appreciate my new Bullets Wireless 2, which I have been using for a couple of weeks. Excellent charging capacity and convenient connection while separating the two earphones. However, I have real problems connecting my earphones to my Mac Book Pro. While Bluetooth is on on my computer, I try to connect through the Bluetooth menu and switching out from the connection to my iPhone. Unvariably, the Bluetooth window indicates me a "failure" of the connection.
    What should I do?

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  2. kssudhakar
    Donut Aug 12, 2020

  3. koenahn
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2021

    koenahn , Apr 13, 2021 :
    Having a similar issue with Bullets Z + 2020 MacBook Pro. Establishing connection hardly ever works, which is a pain in the backside.

    That being said, resetting the Bullets (with the button on the neck part) does help.