Other Problem with using "okay google" to make phone call.

  1. kerric
    Eclair Jun 28, 2017

    kerric , Jun 28, 2017 :

    Wanted to test the OP5 bluetooth in my vehicle today, and after streaming some music sucessfully, I tried to call a contact by using "okay google," but it did not work.

    It kicked me to a screen that says, "To improve contact recognition, Google needs to use your device contacts. I tapped "continue" which took me to another screen with the heading "Turn on this setting?"
    I clicked "Yes, I'm in." Which gives me a quick confirmation on the bottom of the screen that the setting is turned on for my gmail account. But it also says at the top, "Can't reach Google at the moment."

    I tried the voice command again to call home to test it, and I get the same results. Can anybody help? Is this a bug with OP5, or a setting issue somewhere else that is preventing google from access my device contacts?

    Anyone else having this issue, trying to use okay google to make a call on their OP5?