Push Notification Issues

  1. qvert
    Honeycomb Jun 18, 2016

    qvert , Jun 18, 2016 :
    UPDATE 26.07.2016
    newest OTA 3.2.2 should have fixed the issue (but did not)

    Original Problem Post

    any idea how i can fix this? My Op3 seems to have an issue with some push notifications
    whatsapp for exmaple only gets updated when i open it

    i normally change this via an app called pnf - push notification fix

    but this seems not to work
    any idea?

    Doze Mode prevents Google Cloud Messaging to work correct
    Whitelist in Doze Mode is not working

    Workaround without Root: (needs to be applied each boot)

    By Graham Robertson
    1. Disable Doze completly via adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable
    2. enable white list via adb shell dumpsys deviceidle whitelist

    Guide: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/push-notification-issues.451149/page-6#post-14987240

    Workaround with Root (works after reboot)
    there is also a perament workaround from Hapekerkeling https://forums.oneplus.net/members/hapekerkeling.841079/

    Workaround without Root
    there is another from maonototh https://forums.oneplus.net/members/manototh.862080/

    Original Post:

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  2. Nudelholz
    Gingerbread Jun 18, 2016

  3. qvert
    Honeycomb Jun 18, 2016

    qvert , Jun 18, 2016 :
    i dont have root and in the "non root version" is no tools
    it was on wifi and mobile today

  4. qvert
    Honeycomb Jun 18, 2016

    qvert , Jun 18, 2016 :
    Got a whatsapp at 20:55 but the device synced at 21:05 when turning on the phone

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  5. Nudelholz
    Gingerbread Jun 18, 2016

    Nudelholz , Jun 18, 2016 :
    That's different from my Problem where GCM loses connection during doze.

    What happens when you exclude whatsapp from doze in the battery settings? That's where you can remove the battery optimizations for each app.

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  6. qvert
    Honeycomb Jun 18, 2016

  7. harlekinwashere
    Honeycomb Jun 18, 2016

    harlekinwashere , Jun 18, 2016 :
    Would be interested in people sharing their reports on this as well.

    Do you have any "battery saving" options enabled? (Since you don't have rooted the phone, I wont ask if you've got apps like Greenify installed.)

    The thing is, that I know this error profile very well from an old Oppo phone - where they had to kill data connectivity as soon as the screen went dark - because the Wifi (afair) was connected via a usb bus and causing long idle states, preventing wifi from entering sleep states soon after each background data query. (Which resulted in the phone running dry in half a day, without you actually using it.)

    Shouldn't be the case on the OP3, because the chip seems to be fine this time - but maybe they added it as a "feature" to save battery?

    In any case - with those kind of issues you have to document exactly what happens when, if it happens on WLAN or on mobile data, what apps are effected, and so on.

    If the phone kills data for background processes, when the screen is turned off - you'll also notice it streaming music to WiFi enabled speakers for example. Which is why it currently is a VERY bad idea to implement this kind of function ("kill data connection, except for a small window every 15 minutes, when the screen is off") just because you could.

    Google was talking about implementing stuff like this in Android N, but getting it right for once: http://www.express.co.uk/life-style...ndroid-N-Smartphone-New-Features-Battery-Life

    But ultimately - as long as no one else is supporting the claim that there is such an issue on the device, it could be everything or nothing.
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  8. harlekinwashere
    Honeycomb Jun 18, 2016

    harlekinwashere , Jun 18, 2016 :
    Ok - Doze is a Google implementation of that "feature" (wakelocks being ignored by Android) and it is already part of Marshmallow.

    Also - on the web there are reports of people finding that on their devices it messed with Whatsapp functionality. At least on certain phones (Nexus 5 got mentioned) - in any case please keep reporting on if excluding Whatsapp from Doze fixed the issue for you on the OP3, because I actually care about Wifi music streaming... :)

  9. harlekinwashere
    Honeycomb Jun 18, 2016

    harlekinwashere , Jun 18, 2016 :
    Googles Doze handles this thing by using a priority system within GCM to understand if they should wake the device and allow data connectivity - or not.
    src: http://android-developers.blogspot.co.at/2015/10/how-google-cloud-messaging-handles-doze.html

    It is VERY unlikely, that whatsapp hasn't fixed this by now and adheres to googles new priority model.

    So this semingly comes back to what Nudelholz mentioned earlier, GCM loosing connection (which is not supposed to happen during Doze).

    @Nudelholz - please elaborate, you saw GCM actually failing to hold a data connection, with the phones screen off?

    Because that would be a big issue, and probably be connected to what the OP is experiencing in here (Doze depends on GCM working like it should).

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  10. Bjarn
    Eclair Jun 19, 2016

    Bjarn , Jun 19, 2016 :

    My oneplus 3 is not receiving WhatsApp messages by example while its sleeping. After I turn it back on, I have to start WhatsApp and wait a few seconds to let the phone download the messages.

    Never had this issue on my oneplus one.

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  11. Tokolozi
    Most Original Avatar Jun 19, 2016

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  12. Nudelholz
    Gingerbread Jun 19, 2016

    Nudelholz , Jun 19, 2016 :
    This is my Problem (see attached file).

    When I let my phone be idle for a longer time, like during the night, GCM will fail a hearbeat and then be unable to reconnect.

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  13. Bjarn
    Eclair Jun 19, 2016

    Bjarn , Jun 19, 2016 :
    Where can I find that option? Searched everywhere but I seem to be unable to find Doze.

  14. qvert
    Honeycomb Jun 19, 2016

  15. Bjarn
    Eclair Jun 19, 2016

    Bjarn , Jun 19, 2016 :
    Ohh, I already stopped optimising WhatsApp. So that's not the issue.

  16. Sam L
    OxygenOS PM Staff Member Jun 19, 2016

    Sam L , Jun 19, 2016 :
    Dear Customer, Thanks for your feedback. It looks like you find the root cause.

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  17. pushpak jain
    Cupcake Jun 19, 2016

    pushpak jain , Jun 19, 2016 :
    Whats the root cause???

  18. Bjarn
    Eclair Jun 19, 2016

    Bjarn , Jun 19, 2016 :
    Uhm? I don't know what the cause is, neither I've got a solution.

  19. qvert
    Honeycomb Jun 19, 2016

    qvert , Jun 19, 2016 :
    I still have the same issue,
    just got a whatsapp message which was send 45min ago to me, but did not arrived before i opened Whatsapp

  20. Wesley Lindhout
    Cupcake Jun 19, 2016

    Wesley Lindhout , Jun 19, 2016 :
    Same problem here, I don't know whether it's a Whatsapp, OP3, OxygenOS or an Android problem. Some say it's a whatsapp beta problem (which I'm in atm).