[Q&A] The Ultimate OnePlus 5 Guide - Solutions e.t.c.

  1. NeVeR_SeTTLe The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Mar 2, 2018

    NeVeR_SeTTLe, Mar 2, 2018 :
    The problem is that many people use the community app on their mobile devices. The mobile community app's search function doesn't really work and show the results...so if people would stop using the mobile community app, there probably would be less threads.

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  2. the_o2 Lollipop Mar 2, 2018

    the_o2, Mar 2, 2018 :
    Yup totally agree..

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  3. Chinthalaa Cupcake Mar 4, 2018

  4. F_Arpit_Saxena_RiUp Cupcake Mar 6, 2018

    F_Arpit_Saxena_RiUp, Mar 6, 2018 :
    really frustrated from the phone.... it goes hang many times... apps gone closed itself... wifi open itself... worst phone i used in my life..

  5. G_Pratik_Sharma_vHaI Cupcake Mar 6, 2018

    G_Pratik_Sharma_vHaI, Mar 6, 2018 :
    Hi team

    Whenever I update my software to the latest os, people are not able to hear my voice when they call me. There are multiple call drops then.

    So, I went to service center and they downgraded my os to 5.0.0. And then things run fine

    But is this the right solution? That i will miss all latest updates because of some issue in their latest OS?

    Also today I downgraded to 5.0.1 and now I can't connect to wifi and my camera is not opening?

    How to solve this? Also is there any latest os version which is stable and doesn't give this ( mic not working on incoming Calls issue)?

  6. Trevor.Hawkes Honeycomb Mar 10, 2018

    Trevor.Hawkes, Mar 10, 2018 :
    Most people who upgrade to a new version, using stable or beta, do not have the problems you have got. But, some people have different problems.
    The normal response on the forum to people who experience upgrade problems is to advise you to clear system cache and if that doesn't help to do a complete wipe and install again.
    Have you tried this. If not you need to do that. It doesn't always cure the problems but has to be done as a first step.

  7. KISHAN1726 Cupcake Mar 20, 2018

  8. Pwalraven30 Froyo Apr 7, 2018

    Pwalraven30, Apr 7, 2018 :
    When it's ready !

  9. mobincbabu Eclair May 12, 2018

  10. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan Lollipop May 12, 2018

  11. B1515300275799 Froyo May 12, 2018

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  12. Ben Gingerbread May 12, 2018

    Ben, May 12, 2018 :
    Despite all the issues I still like my 5 and the 5T is supposed to be better.

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  13. midifire Ice Cream Sandwich May 21, 2018

    midifire, May 21, 2018 :
    yes me too. Kingroot actually never worked for me

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  14. Alvie The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer May 21, 2018

    Alvie, May 21, 2018 :
    I've used kingroot in the past on a Galaxy SIII, however I believe the way it works was by exploiting vulnerabilities in the earlier versions of Android. Also, I believe that any program not open sourced when it comes to rooting should not be used. That's also why I recommend Magisk nowadays.

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  15. bawng_upa Gingerbread May 28, 2018

    bawng_upa, May 28, 2018 :
    Hello Everyone,
    Any recommend on using external optical/zoom lens for OnePlus 5T Camera?
    Anyone using it? How does it perform? I need #zoom lens for my photography on camera(5T) and want to confirm from experience user.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Jillala_Sravan_ Froyo Jun 1, 2018

  17. outpin Honeycomb Jun 1, 2018

    outpin, Jun 1, 2018 :
    You won't lose your warranty if you root it or update it with a VPN.

  18. outpin Honeycomb Jun 1, 2018

    outpin, Jun 1, 2018 :
    The phone is great, bought it in the first day of release, battery and performance are flagship material.

  19. olvidobatikan Cupcake Jun 7, 2018

    olvidobatikan, Jun 7, 2018 :
    both safe u wont lose ur warranty

  20. bbqiu Froyo Jun 16, 2018

    bbqiu, Jun 16, 2018 :
    anyone else experiencing really bad gps? How would I solve htis?