[Q] Activating picture geotagging with CM camera

  1. Aryahell
    Froyo Jul 30, 2014

    Aryahell , Jul 30, 2014 :
    Hey guys,

    When I first started my OPO, I went into the camera and they asked if I wanted to geo tag the pictures I take. I said no, but with the awesome Google Stories i want to activate it again. Unfortunaetly, I can't find a way to change that setting in the camera app, or anywhere else. Could you guys help me out ?


  2. ws_volt
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 30, 2014

    ws_volt , Jul 30, 2014 :
    in camera press the circle bit in the side menu, it opens a little menu, down the bottom is a location tag thing, should have a line through it, tap it and it will turn it on.

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  3. Aryahell
    Froyo Jul 30, 2014

    Aryahell , Jul 30, 2014 :
    Awesome thanks .

    Has anyne else noticed these little on the size are not crisp clear ? They don't seem to be in the wright resolution.

  4. ws_volt
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 30, 2014

  5. Aryahell
    Froyo Jul 30, 2014

    Aryahell , Jul 30, 2014 :
    I'm pretty sure they aren't "retina ready". Or maybe my eyes are messed up.

  6. pgomase
    Gingerbread Dec 8, 2015

    pgomase , Dec 8, 2015 :
    Please check attached screenshot to enable the geo tagging.

    Setting icon on right bottom of camera screen.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Cupcake Jan 24, 2016

    ARABESQUE , Jan 24, 2016 :
    Hello all, do you know where i can find the camera settings for the oneplus 2? I tried the above but there is no camera settings. (???) Could you kindly help out?

  8. CosmoCZ
    Cupcake Nov 27, 2016

  9. F_Abdrahmen_Abdou_hvOe
    Donut Nov 28, 2016

  10. Rachael Alice
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2017

    Rachael Alice , Sep 18, 2017 :
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  11. S1516909951903
    Donut Jun 10, 2018

  12. Y1514373475520
    Cupcake Sep 16, 2019

    Y1514373475520 , Sep 16, 2019 :
    There is one another way to Geotag your photos with Autostamper: Date and TimeStamp Camera App allows you to Geotag your Camera photos. Through this geotagging application easily add your location on your camera pictures. One can try. Its features are amazing allows for adding custom and current location.

  13. G_Reecha_Patel_cpFG
    Cupcake Sep 16, 2019

  14. Y1514373475520
    Cupcake Oct 1, 2019

    Y1514373475520 , Oct 1, 2019 :