Qualcomm 845 and LTE?

  1. tanner.j.michels
    Gingerbread May 17, 2018

    tanner.j.michels , May 17, 2018 :
    How does the OP6 have a Qualcomm 845, But have the LTE capacity of a Qualcomm 835? 845 have a Cat. 18 DL and Cat. 13 UL (1200 /150mbs). The Qualcomm 835 have the Cat. 16 DL and Cat. 13 UL (1000/150mbs)? I'm confused? Did they only use the 845 for processing speed and something else of LTE? Can someone explain to me how all of this works. Also how is OP6 antenna? In my experience Samsung phones are amazing at Antenna Tuning. Don't get me wrong I love my OP3T, but speed wise and coverage wise it falls short even when on the same Network (TMobile) my phone always has less data speed and the Samsung has never lost signal where my OP3T did. Why is that? Any Tech guys to help me?
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  2. midifire
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 17, 2018

    midifire , May 17, 2018 :
    The 845 chip has a X20 LTE modem (which has theoretical top limit of 1.2Gbps). I think Oneplus just plays it safe by saying Cat 16

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  3. tanner.j.michels
    Gingerbread May 19, 2018

    tanner.j.michels , May 19, 2018 :
    but why would they play it safe? Cat. 18 is the fastest! Can Cat. 16 or Cat. 18 capabilities be disabled or enabled throuch software updates? Could they theoretically make it Cat.18? Also are LTE Bands actual hardware you out in a phone or is it technology that you can enable through software updates if the hardware is capable? An example would be to add LTE LAA Band 46 that some carriers are deploying?

  4. midifire
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 19, 2018

    midifire , May 19, 2018 :
    Not all countries have the latest greatest (mobile) network, there could be other reasons too tho.
    The SD 845 has the capability of reaching Cat 18 speeds, this is just telling downlink can reach a certain top speed,
    Perhaps they limited to keep it more stable/less heating.
    Same for bands, your phone can have certain bands but you can disable bands or lock to a specific band if it has a e.g. better coverage.

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  5. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Community Expert May 19, 2018

    dsmonteiro , May 19, 2018 :
    The speed doesn't depends solely on the modem. The fact that the 845 supports up to a specific speed doesn't mean that the devices using it do.

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