Qualcomm Quick Charge on the OnePlus One?

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    Mar 10, 2015

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    I saw a blank reply, what was that?

    P.S. Guys good news I wanted a second usb charger(good one not some Chinese knock off) and said to myself why not buy a quickcharge 2.0 if it's not a big difference(and it's not) so I'll test it when it arrives post pictures and videos just to confirm that quickcharge 2.0 is not working

    Never saw anyone do this, only saying it's not working ..but actual pictures or videos are missing and as a hard-to-convince person that I'm I'll try them out for you :D

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    You said that quickcharge 2.0 is 9V, 2A and 1.0 is 5V, 2A.
    That current (2A) is the maximum current it will give with a certain voltage. You can't do much wrong with a charger with too max 'A',(edit: because this will be adjusted automatically), Voltage on the other hand can, your phone will get to much power (in W) and battery can break/explode.
    Your choice, but please be careful. :cool:
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    petersquare , Jun 23, 2015 :
    The Oneplus one does have Quick Charge 2.0 and I tested it.

    My wife have a Samsung galaxy note 4 and came with the adaptive fast charger EP-TA20JWE
    The output on the adaptive fast charger EP-TA20JWE is 9V @ 1.67A and 5V @ 2A.

    When I charge the Oneplus one with her adaptive fast charger, my phone is fully charged in about one hour where my oneplus one charger (5V @ 2A) is like 2 hours. So, something is strange for me to dig some information about quick charge 2.0 and did some testing myself.

    I used a kill-a-watt to see what voltage and amp is actually taking when the oneplus one is charging with these 2 chargers. So here is the reading.

    Samsung adaptive fast charger EP-TA20JWE:
    120V, 0.15A = 18Watt << That translate to charger is outputting 9V @ 1.67A = 15Watt (Quick Charge 2.0)

    Oneplus one original charger:
    120V, 0.08A = 9.6Watt << That translate to charger is outputting 5V @ 2A = 10Watt (Quick Charge 1.0)

    FYI: I used the same USB cable came with the Oneplus one, so you can rule out the difference in usb cable awg since they made a big difference if having the wrong and cheap usb cables.

    Conclusion: The Oneplus one does have Quick Charge 2.0 (9V @ 1.67A) but the original charger does not support it. Maybe Oneplus try to save money on the charger and think the Quick Charge 1.0 (5V @ 2A) is sufficient for most people.

    Below is an article about Quick Charge from GSMArena.

    2015-06-23 01.19.29.jpg 2015-06-23 01.26.43.jpg

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    Lifelesslewis, maybe you don't care but there are lot of people do care. 1 hour vs 2 hours charging time does make a difference when you want your phone to last a whole day while you are outside and you are low on battery. (example: You find out you forgot to charge your phone at night in the morning and you will be out all day and you have only maybe 30min to 1 hour to charge your phone). That will be a life saver.

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    marjan , Jun 26, 2015 :
    Not paying licence fees for Quick charge 2.0 is not logical since this is a "flag ship" phone. Bump the price instead with the few extra dollars.

  10. CrAcKeZ
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    CrAcKeZ , Jul 1, 2015 :
    I know but why ur telling me this?

    If you put a power supply with 5v and 20A you can charge the phone if you create a usb female jack, anything more it will surely burn the phone(e.g. 9v power supply ..no matter if it's 0.1A)

    I bet you don't have any idea how quickcharge 2.0 works, so let me give you a quick tutorial. Charger has logic board on it and "asks" the phone.. do you have quickcharge 2.0? ..if the phone has the nessesary circuitry and snapdragon 8xx it replies "yes" so charger automatically changes from 5v to 9v if it gets no reply from phone it gives 5v

    SO ANY device who doesn't "respond" in the "call" gets 5v ..simple? ..you're welcome

    Actually without an actual measuring system you can't say it's working, my phone charges in about an hour give or take but not from flat 0. Original charger is not a quickcharger it's a simple 5v 2.1A charger just good quality(I have a 5v usb tester) - the phone has surely quickcharge 1.0 which means it can get up to 2Amps at 5v

    P.S. A phone with quickcharge 2.0 is suppose to change the charging icon to something that make sure you're on quickcharge 2.0 so you know it's QC2.0 and not QC1.0 :D

    P.S.2 I'll know way more information when the usb charger(quickcharger 2.0 charger officially supported as verified-good charger from qualcomm) arrives. Never saw ANYONE have any actual evidence about that, some say it's not QC2.0 ..some say it is. Official sources say no but I wanted a second charger so I'll know soon enough(Coming from China takes a while, not Chinese no-name brand but still it takes a while when coming from there). I'll do every measurement and confirm with actual evidence if it's supported and if its getting 9v or not
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  11. SeppV2
    Froyo Jul 1, 2015

    SeppV2 , Jul 1, 2015 :
    Oh, is it? Every quickcharge charger 2.0 will check? Didn't know, thanks for the info.
    Wouldn't trust cheap 'QC2.0-chargers' though... (take note of the quotation marks :) )

  12. CrAcKeZ
    Honeycomb Jul 1, 2015

    CrAcKeZ , Jul 1, 2015 :
    Yeap I read many many maaaaaaaaaany articles in the past how it works.

    There are many uncertified from qualcomm quickcharger 2.0 but I wouldn't use a no-name Chinese one too! I don't want to burn my phone because the Chinese quickcharge decided that it's ok to give 9v ...by mistake. As a tech guy I've open many power supplies and chargers, some Chinese one look fine from outside but if you open them you'll be impressed how some don't explode by themselfs(so amateur work underneath with hand solder and some useless connections-redone it's amazing how they "work" I wouldn't trust them if I had an expensive device).

    Before going this charger I had ordered a power supply of 5v 10A just to have a power supply with lots of Amps so each phone I connect to draw as many amps as it wants. When received I test it, 5.65v I'm like why??? under load(some resistors) I see 5.35v then I see for a full refund(which I got) and I have this power supply sitting around, can't put any phone on that power supply as 5.35v under load is quite much for most phones(some might work but I'm not willing to test and see what phone will burn itself and what won't). So getting back the money from that power supply and putting them on this quickcharge 2.0 usb charger is fine, surely at 5v it's not 10A but 2A but the build quality should be excellent(after all it's a qualcomm certified usb charger)

    EDIT: Left from China on 19/6 so it won't be long, 13 days so far and it takes 15-30 days in total(depend on many factors), so it will take 2-15 days :p
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  13. CrAcKeZ
    Honeycomb Jul 6, 2015

    CrAcKeZ , Jul 6, 2015 :
    So guys I'm posting under my post to distinguish the new post. Today I've receive the charger and charged the phone, my phone got charged at 5v 2.117mA(or ~2.12A if you prefer) from 20% to 80% in 3.162 seconds or 52 minutes and 42 seconds which is good

    BUT this means no quickcharge 2.0 for our phone(Only QuickCharge 1.0 which is essentially 5v 2A), surely it charges quite fast than the stock charger, there I get 1.9-1.95A at 5v and the charger(stock) is suppose to be capable up to 2.1A while this quickcharge 2.0 charger says 5v 2A or 9v 2A or 12v 1.5A it exceeds 5v 2Amps

    I'll run some more tests and even show you the charger(as promised), also I'll try to charge my brothers Xiaomi Mi3 which is having quickcharge 2.0 for sure(qualcomm list it as compatible/certified quickcharge 2.0 device)

    P.S. This charger came with a massive thick usb cable(quite thicker than the regular microusb cables), I'll try also to test it with my custom(DIY project) MicroUSB -chargeONLY- cable. I've created this in the past a MicroUSB cable coupled with 18AWG cable for charging only, it's faster in charging even if using stock charger(compared the stock 1+1 cable or other regular ones)

    P.S.2 Also a thing to notice, when using my custom charge-only microusb cable in the stock charger, the charger does produce 1.9-1.95A of power but it does get hot, quite hot actually(you can touch it but you feel it's very hot), the new quickcharge 2.0 charger even in 2.117mA it's cool to the touch, so for more than 2.1A and it's cool - I'm impressed, also impressed that it's rated 2A and gives more than 2.1A of power without a sweat
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  14. Danojiveena
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    Danojiveena , Jul 6, 2015 :
    thought i had quick charge.How come it charges so fast then.

  15. CrAcKeZ
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2015

    CrAcKeZ , Jul 7, 2015 :
    It has quickcharge 1.0 for sure, quickcharge 1.0 is 5v 2A

    After a lot of thinking today it got me thinking, how a charger capable of

    5v 2A (rated)
    9v 2A (rated)
    12v 1.5A (rated)
    (This new quickcharger 2.0 I've got)

    Be able to charge it at 2.117mA ..as I said I need more time, it might implement quickcharge 2.0 after all(I'll know more after a few charges and multimeter measures). In my first test I could measure the amperes but didn't check the voltage and the app that calculates the amperes thinks that all chargers are 5v so it can easily be instead of

    5v 2.117mA a voltage and current of 9v 1.176mA(9v is quickcharge 2.0), that thinking was after saw the stock charger getting pretty hot when outputting 5v 1.96A, it gets VERY hot and as the amperes increase this is getting worse but the new charger is cold to the touch - Anyway as said these are speculations, I'll know more soon

    P.S. The stock charger is 5v 2.1A(rated) but never got more than 5v 1.96A as said when charging my phone(with custom cable capable of 10 times the power of a regular microusb cable), still pretty fast as if you do the math 5 x 1.96 we're talking about 9.8w almost 10watts. As said in previous posts

    Quickcharge 1.0 = 5v 2A (most phones even Chinese ones can do that so no big deal) - total power 10watts
    Quickcharge 2.0 = 9v 1.67A - total power 15watt (50% increased power)


    Sorry guys no quickcharge 2.0, I just confirm it (I'll post tommorow ..if I have some free time, I'll post pictures from measurements)

    Interesting thing is that this quickcharge 2.0 goes slowly to 5.35 volts at 1.85A ..that's how it stays cool compared to our stock that giving ~1.96A at about 5v (5.09v was the max I've seen)

    So when you connect this quickcharge 2.0 charger from 5.05(default no load) it goes after a couple of seconds to 5.10, 5.15, 5.20, 5.30 and 5.35 (not always that root but slowly so after about 10 seconds it's at 5.35 volts stable and stays there)

    My brothers Xiaomi Mi3 on the other hand had a stock charger of 5v 1A and needed about 3 hours of charging(from 0%) with this charger it took about 1.5 hour about the same as our phone(Mi3 has 3.050mAh battery so it's 50mAh less but charges quite fast now compared to its stock charger. I tried my stock 1+1 charger on his phone and it's slow as his stock, so phone doesn't draw more than 1A at 5v)
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  16. Jupeeeeee
    Jelly Bean Aug 17, 2015

    Jupeeeeee , Aug 17, 2015 :
    Its no quickcharge. Your phone uses some of that energy. Which is why, when you use more your phone, doesn't charge as fast. So: When you plug a charger that fills the gap that is used, it charges at the original speed.

  17. CrAcKeZ
    Honeycomb Aug 24, 2015

    CrAcKeZ , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Quickcharge 1.0 is 5v 2A so every phone with that capability is similar to QC1.0

    With this charger even if it's not QC2.0 it charges the phone faster than the stock charger, while the stock is suppose to provide up to 2.1A it never exceeds 2A e.g. 2.05A

    I'm happy with this charger saving a few minutes although not important but feels good as I needed a second charger :D

  18. Jupeeeeee
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    Jupeeeeee , Aug 25, 2015 :
    Well whatever floats your imaginery :A

  19. aenews
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    aenews , Aug 25, 2015 :
    This is the OnePlus One not the OnePlus 2. The One charges faster than the Galaxy S5 or LG G3 and has a larger battery.

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