[Question] 5 hrs for 100% battery ? Is this a joke? Help me

  1. amndev94 Gingerbread Jun 24, 2016

    amndev94, Jun 24, 2016 :
    See at the bottom of the image. It says 5 hrs until full.. I dont know how this has happened. First of all it took more than 2 hrs to charge 100%. Now 5 hrs. I mean WTF. New update made it like this or is it only in my phone?

    Help me please.

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  2. Smoose91 Cupcake Jun 24, 2016

    Smoose91, Jun 24, 2016 :
    Hi! Which device are you using? I found with my OPO, if I used any cable or charger other than what it came with, the charging time was ridiculous, so stick with the factory charger where possible.

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  3. Lancelot_69 Lollipop Jun 24, 2016

    Lancelot_69, Jun 24, 2016 :
    If you are connected to pc it's most likely true. If you are using an outlet with original charger and cable pull cord out of charging base and turn around.

  4. Robson KitKat Jun 24, 2016

    Robson, Jun 24, 2016 :
    If you are charging it true usb port (5v) it's probably right. With the 2amp adapter something is wrong..

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  5. u_proprio Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 24, 2016

    u_proprio, Jun 24, 2016 :
    It's probably the charger you are using...
    Are you charging the phone with the original charger/cable?

  6. cheesyll4m4 Froyo Jun 24, 2016

  7. Remo spadaccini Honeycomb Jun 24, 2016

    Remo spadaccini, Jun 24, 2016 :
    Sometimes it takes a while to get to full current and it can also be inaccurate and glitch so don't worry

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  8. sfksuperman Honeycomb Jun 25, 2016

    sfksuperman, Jun 25, 2016 :
    My phone doesnt say how much time is left until full charge in lockscree. Earlier it says "Charging, 50mins until full charge". But it is now says only "Charging".
    My phone took more than 5 hours to get fully charged sonce 3 days.
    Also, in pic i added here, the battery stats says few secs. What kind of problem is this?

    Im using oos v2.2.1. please help. What hslas happened to my battery or charger? How can it get back to normal again??

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  9. amndev94 Gingerbread Jul 1, 2016

    amndev94, Jul 1, 2016 :
    i am using OP2. i use the charger that came with the phone. I dont know what has happened. for few days it didnt show 5 hrs again. it was normal like 1 hr 40 mins etc.
    But today it again said 4 hrs until full. i dont know what happened. i guess have to factory reset it.

  10. amndev94 Gingerbread Jul 1, 2016

    amndev94, Jul 1, 2016 :
    i connected it to wall plug. charger is the same that came with the phone. before it showed 1 hr 40mins or 1 hr 20 mins, etc. but that day it showed 5 hrs. and today it showed 4 hrs. :(

  11. amndev94 Gingerbread Jul 1, 2016

    amndev94, Jul 1, 2016 :
    I am using original charger. The one that came with the phone.

  12. amndev94 Gingerbread Jul 1, 2016

    amndev94, Jul 1, 2016 :
    It really took almst 4 hrs 50 mins to get fully charged. but after that it didnt take that much time until today. Today it showed 4 hrs untill full.. and its almst 1hr 30 mins but it is only charged upto 45%. i started the charging when it was 19%.

  13. amndev94 Gingerbread Jul 1, 2016

    amndev94, Jul 1, 2016 :

    it said 35 secs left (in your pic). but did it really drain out in 35 secs. or its just showing. ?
    if its just showing. try rebooting.
    if its really draining out in 35 secs, try factory reset.

    if this does not help, send out it to the company(if still in warranty). or try opening a new thread about this.

  14. Robson KitKat Jul 1, 2016

    Robson, Jul 1, 2016 :
    Contact c.s probably hw failure

  15. Remo spadaccini Honeycomb Jul 1, 2016

    Remo spadaccini, Jul 1, 2016 :
    Maybe your cable is going to break. My usb C cable was charging really slowly and then broke

  16. johnyOn Cupcake Jul 2, 2016

    johnyOn, Jul 2, 2016 :
    Buy a new charger (if you don't know to repair the one you have) because it is probably because of the charger.

  17. sfksuperman Honeycomb Jul 3, 2016

    sfksuperman, Jul 3, 2016 :
    It was just showing. It changes when reboot.

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