OxygenOS Question about OS upgrade on One Plus One phone to the 2.1.4 OxygenOS

  1. deemon
    Cupcake Jan 30, 2018

    deemon , Jan 30, 2018 :
    First time ever trying to do it.
    Following the flashing+instructions+for+windows.pdf.

    My experiences:

    Step 7 ("7. Now enter 2 in the command window and your device may reboot, if it does not reboot please skip to step 9 else go to step 8."; 2 in command window is "Unlock bootloader") It did this erase thing for about 85 minutes and then rebooted. SHOULD HAVE BEEN SOME KIND OF WARNING THERE THAT IT MAY TAKE SEVERAL HOURS.

    Step 8. => there was no way to skip the setup, so I just spammed through "nexts" pretty much.

    Phone is on and in the lock screen.

    Step 9. Press 5 on the command window and hit enter and your device should boot into existing OS.

    RESULT: new command window with text <waiting for device> => nothing happens in phone. Meanwhile, the phone remains already in the freshly reset device OS. DO I NEED TO REBOOT IT ANYWAY AGAIN? I can do it from the normal power button this time though... why the step 9 exists at all in the instruction? Anyway, I decided that I don't need to reboot the phone again, unlocked it and went on with step 10.

    Step 10. Copy the OxygenOS zip file to your phone which you downloaded separately from the website."

    Copy HOW? Copy WHERE in the phone? Do I need to unzip before or I copy it as zip?
    Anyway tried to improvise and for that I did unlock developer options, changed USB mode to media transfer protocol and copied the zip to Internal Storage root.

    Step 11. Now power off your phone, disconnect the USB cable and put the device in
    Fastboot mode again (Power + Volume UP). => Done.

    Step 12. Now connect the phone to your computer and enter 3 in the menu option of
    the program. => Connected; Verified with 1 in AiO and the phone is in fastboot again.; 3 in AiO => some script flashed on screen and... I think it did it.

    Step 13. Now enter 4 and you will enter into OnePlus recovery, if not then press and
    hold Volume Down + Power Button => 4 in AiO resulted in Power off. Volume Down + Power did the trick, now in recovery.

    Step 14. Inside OnePlus Recovery
    · Select the language of your choice
    · Select “Wipe data and cache”
    · Select “Wipe data and cache” again
    · Select “Yes”
    · Select “done”
    · Select “Install from local”
    · Select the ROM zip package that you downloaded and copied before.
    · Select “Yes”
    · Click “Install”
    · Select “Yes”
    · Select “Reboot”
    · Select “Reboot” again

    => in the step "Install from local" => MAGIC ... the zip I uploaded to internal storage root was still there after the wipe and even first choice... so I clicked on it and it started updating. Great Success!!!

    However... wait what? Why did this "upgrade" downgrade my Android from 6.0.1 to 5.1.1 ? WHAAAaaat? :(

    Also ... now in OxygenOS .... where are now the settings for:
    1. setting vibration intensity? the default 100% is quite creepy now.
    2. where can I set LED notification colors for different apps?
    3. where can I prevent different apps from accessing different things I don't want them to mess with? I mean including Gmail and other google apps. (App permissions is limited to only few my own installed apps and even there I can change only so few different permissions.)
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  2. OnePassion
    Eclair Feb 17, 2018

    OnePassion , Feb 17, 2018 :
    Step 12 not work on my one plus one, its stuck not respond for recovery, not respond when i press power + volume, in half day i'm in panic situation. then i try to search how to recovery brick oneplus one, i found it then my oneplus one back to CM11.. feww.

    I still curious then i follow the step, when step 7 >> no 2 unlocker boot not working, i still follow but keep not working. I pass keep looking on internet "how to migrate to oxygenos without root"
    how do you upgrade your Android to 6.0.1?