Question of the Week 24: Charging Part 2


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  1. metalerjf
    Gingerbread May 3, 2016

    metalerjf , May 3, 2016 :
    Done with answers, hope I get something

  2. marta910
    Gingerbread May 3, 2016

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  3. luxuskamel
    Lollipop May 3, 2016

  4. andrewsnydes2
    Cupcake May 3, 2016

    andrewsnydes2 , May 3, 2016 :
    Form filled

    I used to have power blocks all around my house but once I got the OPO I only needed the one that came with it. Favourite part about it is the cable and how it never tangles

  5. jadin101
    Cupcake May 3, 2016

    jadin101 , May 3, 2016 :
    Battery life is the biggest struggle I have at the moment with my old Nexus 5. Hence me considering the OP2

  6. slovenianinvite
    Cupcake May 3, 2016

  7. rohitanand
    KitKat May 3, 2016

  8. B-MAdD
    Froyo May 3, 2016

  9. Magnetic Nerd
    Jelly Bean May 3, 2016

  10. RuudKok
    Cupcake May 3, 2016

  11. tanj666
    Cupcake May 3, 2016

    tanj666 , May 3, 2016 :
    I guess being a 'last year' kinda techie I'm lucky in that everything uses micro-USB. I really have found that cables are the bugbear of charging. The 1+1 I got has the best charger and lead so far, followed by a samsung charger and some special 'charge only' leads I got from amazon. I have loads of chargers sat ready with charge only cables sat waiting for action. Only the 1+1 is lucky enough to get its own charger being used though.

  12. shahidmehmood
    Cupcake May 3, 2016

  13. sunny33438
    Froyo May 3, 2016

  14. AkileshAkil
    Gingerbread May 3, 2016

  15. javorszky
    Cupcake May 3, 2016

    javorszky , May 3, 2016 :
    Charging devices through the USB ports in planes / cars is massively inefficient. Usually they have 0.7 A available, which only means that the device is only losing charge slower than without being plugged in. My solution to that is to buy a car charger / bring the wall charger on the plane. Both have 2.1 A output.

    Also the charger port and cable needs a bit of rethink. If I knock the device off the bed / nightstand while it's plugged in, and it lands charger-first on the floor, there's a possibility that the port and / or the cable will be broken / damaged. I like the MacBooks' quick-release connections a lot for this reason (though I haven't dropped my MacBook). Yes, the obvious solution is not to knock the device off.

    I also had to buy a powerbank because software are getting greedier, or my usage went up, but I can no longer have a full day's worth of charge in my OnePlus One (year and a half on, 5,5 hours SoT as measured by GeekBench3). That's bulky and inconvenient, but a necessity at this moment sadly.

  16. tmmacara
    Eclair May 3, 2016

    tmmacara , May 3, 2016 :
    Am I supposed to comment in order to enter contest? If so, here's my comment.

  17. Getch78
    Cupcake May 3, 2016

    Getch78 , May 3, 2016 :
    Form filled out. A charging hub only adds to the ease of charging if you're only using those devices in one location. If the focus is on charging smartphones, then quick charging features would be far more helpful.

  18. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator May 3, 2016

    gaster , May 3, 2016 :
    Done Adam. Cool. Thanks

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  19. Khot46
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  20. chaosmeister
    Cupcake May 3, 2016

    chaosmeister , May 3, 2016 :
    I also answered the form. :cool:
    My OP2 usually lasts 1-2 days with one overnight charge, though it is fully charged after 3-4 hours.
    The thing that bothers me most after it is fully charged is the faint sound coming from the charger. Some say this is caused by bad/dying capacitors but my charger still fills up my smartphone.
    Some kind of intelligent charger would be nice, that fills the Phone to 100% and then shuts down.