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  1. caffeine
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 1, 2015

    caffeine , Dec 1, 2015 :
    If I may say, Nokia N95 which I owned once, in my opinion beats OPO's camera, which is the phone I'm using now.

  2. _rahulsingh
    Eclair Dec 1, 2015

    _rahulsingh , Dec 1, 2015 :

    Dude! N95!
    You've gotta be kidding me! :confused:

    That was like a stone-age phone!

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  3. icedave
    Cupcake Dec 1, 2015

    icedave , Dec 1, 2015 :
    Yes I do agree that the X is a nice fast snapper and I have no problems with the hardware it's just the software let's the overall experience down like not been able to take a shot and see a small preview without having to start another app and search for the pic I have just taken which slows the whole process down.

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  4. icedave
    Cupcake Dec 1, 2015

    icedave , Dec 1, 2015 :
    Just shows how far the Oneplus camera has to go to catch up ;)

  5. Dinesh Bhat
    Eclair Dec 1, 2015

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  6. icedave
    Cupcake Dec 1, 2015

    icedave , Dec 1, 2015 :
    Yes very welcome indeed really looking forward to what will come from Oneplus in the hopefully not to distant future.

  7. Pinar
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 1, 2015

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  8. _rahulsingh
    Eclair Dec 1, 2015

    _rahulsingh , Dec 1, 2015 :

    I believe OnePlus offers great hardware at its price point.
    Its the best at its price range! Be it OnePlus X or OnePlus 2.

    I am sure with time the Oxygen OS will get great!
    Oxygen OS is great already. It offers wide range of customization without disturbing the stock android feel.
    Just small fixes here and there, little more efforts on camera software, in few months we will have great OS on our Oneplus devices!

    I cant wait to have Marshmallow on Oxygen OS. Heard that they will be using the default google api's or somthing.. that will give better experience!

  9. MCKenzy99
    Honeycomb Dec 1, 2015

    MCKenzy99 , Dec 1, 2015 :
    Am I the only one who just magically made his phone camera a good low light performer?o_O
    because that would indeed be very magical:p

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  10. ThomasMiz
    Froyo Dec 1, 2015

    ThomasMiz , Dec 1, 2015 :
    We only care about Una, not about your products!!! give us more photos!!!!!

  11. sauron.cnp
    Honeycomb Dec 1, 2015

  12. shoujinz
    Froyo Dec 1, 2015

    shoujinz , Dec 1, 2015 :
    Might be a little bit of an off-topic, but has anyone tried the Open Camera app on OP2? I like that it has many features, but it takes ages to focus. And when I use flash, it is so slow that it makes a shot well after the flash actually shined, so it always comes up dark.
    By ages I mean 1-3 seconds to focus.

  13. bubusettete
    Froyo Dec 1, 2015

    bubusettete , Dec 1, 2015 :
    try to disable stuff like beauty mode or hdr or clear shot ecc..

  14. bubusettete
    Froyo Dec 1, 2015

    bubusettete , Dec 1, 2015 :
    mine's ok... does it do that on clear shot or other, or does it do it on all options?

  15. Hønen
    Froyo Dec 2, 2015

    Hønen , Dec 2, 2015 :
    I am very positive about the camera in my OPT.
    Here is a picture of my horse taken with my OPT. IMG_20150922_172105.jpg

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  16. phendrome
    Eclair Dec 2, 2015

  17. tonytkd6669
    Gingerbread Dec 2, 2015

  18. Pk076
    Gingerbread Dec 2, 2015

    Pk076 , Dec 2, 2015 :
    Lol why would I take it personally. I said that coz I've used those phones. Most Android users don't have any idea about these phones, they are in their own Samsung galaxies and lg g's, etc. That's why I say, reaching that level in camera, although highly unlikely, would be an incredible achievement.

    P.S. my 2010 Nokia N8 takes overall better shots than my current phone, the OPX. ;)

  19. gbhushan4
    Froyo Dec 2, 2015

    gbhushan4 , Dec 2, 2015 :
    II have filled the form...How is fill the form help.. What exactly are we trying conclude... Just curious

  20. prashantmall1997
    Cupcake Dec 2, 2015