Question of the week 9: Custom ROMs


Custom ROMs?

  1. Tried a custom ROM, still running a custom ROM

  2. Tried a custom ROM, went back to stock

  3. Never tried

  4. What's a ROM?

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  1. Mr. Pro
    Froyo Jan 2, 2016

    Mr. Pro , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Custom roms, especially CyanogenMod are great. Made my old Galaxy S II work like a PRO.

  2. Mr. Pro
    Froyo Jan 2, 2016

  3. Doktor-X
    Gingerbread Jan 2, 2016

    Doktor-X , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Until fingerprint and laserauto focus is not working ill keep using oxygenos but ill swich to cm after that i have try cm13 but like i say no fp and laf

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  4. Acxjet
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2016

    Acxjet , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Resurrection Remix. (OPO) Used it for months and still ongoing.

    Marshmallow version right now. The most stable I've tried, and gives more options then Cyanogen does normally. I'm sticking with this rom since it got what I need.

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  5. Duveaux
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2016

    Duveaux , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Developer support is very important for me when I choose a new phone BUT the OPO is the first phone where I actually switched back to stock. The stock rom just has everything I need, plus the battery and camera seem better. I also missed that sweet sweet blurred lockscreen. No other rom has that, and I dig it.

  6. soosheefan
    Eclair Jan 2, 2016

    soosheefan , Jan 2, 2016 :
    I am a new OPO owner, and new to Android. I have Android 5.1.1 and Cyanogen OS (YOG4PAS3JL). Not sure if that is a custom ROM or not. Still learning a lot about Android but this phone is AMAZING so far! Go 1+.

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  7. Chika
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 2, 2016

    Chika , Jan 2, 2016 :
    No! Never CR

  8. ert69
    Eclair Jan 2, 2016

    ert69 , Jan 2, 2016 :
    The OOS ROM is awesome, but the only thing thats keeping me away from a custom ROM is that fingerprint sensor and laser AF arent working. PLEASE RELEASE THE SOURCES!

  9. nolsen311
    Eclair Jan 2, 2016

    nolsen311 , Jan 2, 2016 :
    What held me back from serious consideration of either of the newer OnePlus devices was the software stack. Lacking COS 12.1 native support.

    That and the LTE bands, once I thought about it.

  10. xBankssy
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2016

  11. TDroid074
    Gingerbread Jan 2, 2016

    TDroid074 , Jan 2, 2016 :
    I agree with you. Developers can only help a device so much. However in OnePlus' case I see that the OPO has gained much more support (almost nexus like) than the OPX and OPT both of which have been reported to have faulty hardware and software. What I'm trying to get at is that OnePlus should not focus on hardware as much since software is where phones in the future differentiates themselves. I believe OnePlus, as a startup, should implement longer product cycles and fine tune their software as well as hardware

  12. TaskerLover
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 2, 2016

    TaskerLover , Jan 2, 2016 :
    After rooting my old HTC Sensation I always had custom roms on it. Now on the OPT, I am stil stock, no root. OPT received on august 20th, so I am 4 months stock now.
    But my feeling longs to root the OPT, and when I have root, then I probably want to try custom roms again. If they are stable enough.
    I like roms filled with stuff for customization. Themes, Change fonts. etc. I love eyecandy. Fast and great batterylife. Unless Oxygen can do that kind of customization, I think I want to try custom roms again.

  13. mwayner
    Lollipop Jan 2, 2016

    mwayner , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Is Hydrogen OS considered a custom rom for a A2005:p? I use whatever works best for me, stock or custom, but I usually settle on some CM variant.

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  14. malidan
    Nougat Jan 2, 2016

    malidan , Jan 2, 2016 :
    You are correct OPO has an extensive amount of dev the reason being the device was cheap.
    Infact it was almost half the price of the N6, so there is no rocket science required as to why dev support has followed.
    All the OP devices have suffered hardware issues, with the OP2 devices hosting a far from retail worthy OS on release.
    The competition is closing in fast and dev support is not going to keep the sales coming in, only better hardware.
    With Cyanogen popping up on so many devices dev will now be spread far and wide, sooner or later they will turn up on a Mtek device ( officially ) and that's when it will get really interesting. With an increase of GPU performance the new Mtek soc's are totally purchasable.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2016

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  15. hemsleyk
    Eclair Jan 2, 2016

    hemsleyk , Jan 2, 2016 :
    If 1+ could give us root and CM theme engine on stock there'd be no reason to switch.

  16. malidan
    Nougat Jan 2, 2016

    malidan , Jan 2, 2016 :
    The CM days are gone bro, out of the box anyway.
    Also as long there are any Google products on the device you will not see root officially.

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  17. asonix
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2016

    asonix , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Cyanogen OS is not considered a custom ROM because it is officially supported for that device. CyanogenMod, the Open Source base for Cyanogen OS, would be considered a custom ROM.

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  18. 11111lol
    Donut Jan 2, 2016

    11111lol , Jan 2, 2016 :
    You good choice

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  19. 11111lol
    Donut Jan 2, 2016

    11111lol , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Your right about that

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  20. 11111lol
    Donut Jan 2, 2016

    11111lol , Jan 2, 2016 :
    oneplus 2 marshmallow update is coming soon

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