Questions Answered! Ordering the OnePlus 3T

  1. niamhzie
    Eclair Nov 28, 2016

    niamhzie , Nov 28, 2016 :
    Mine is due for Friday, but I paid for priority. Otherwise it's 6 Dec

  2. DonatellaF
    Eclair Nov 28, 2016

  3. YpsiNine
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

    YpsiNine , Nov 28, 2016 :
    It's been 26 minutes already, ordered and paid 01:03...

  4. hynese
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

  5. YpsiNine
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

    YpsiNine , Nov 28, 2016 :
    In the "My Account" I clicked "My Orders" and it says my order is unpaid but the money has been drawn from my credit card and Paypal sent me an email informing me of the successful payment. I checked my bank and the money has been drawn for sure.

  6. camridge
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

    camridge , Nov 28, 2016 :
    30,minutes later and still can`t see anything in my Orders.
    But got the information over e-mail at least

  7. jiri978
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

    jiri978 , Nov 28, 2016 :
    Successfully ordered GM 128 GB version on 28. 11. 2016 00:03:43 from Czech Republic, GMTdispatch date 29/11/2016, est. delivery 6.12.2016 (free shipping)
    Firs also problems with credit card, but just waited 5 minutes and then everything OK.
    Czech price was 13.229,96 CZK (pay pall wanted 13.500 CZK).
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  8. jakethompson
    Donut Nov 28, 2016

    jakethompson , Nov 28, 2016 :
    I read a couple posts from the US launch on the 22nd of exactly the same thing happening and it's nothing to be worried about, the delay was due to OP managing and processing the orders. They're not going to run off on you, especially with the amount of proof of successful payments! For your ease of mind, screen shot everything of course :)

    The US posts were later changed from unpaid to paid. just keep an eye on it, I know its late :/

  9. Grony
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

    Grony , Nov 28, 2016 :
    From what i saw in past orders, the deliveries are generally a few days before the estimated date. But sure you'll receive it days before all of us with normal shipping.

  10. Sinapsa00
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

  11. EversR
    Honeycomb Nov 28, 2016

    EversR , Nov 28, 2016 :
    what country?

  12. YpsiNine
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

    YpsiNine , Nov 28, 2016 :
    Thanks a lot for the encouragement, I hope you are right. :) I ordered two phones, one for me and one for a colleague, so hopefully it will change to "paid" soon. This is my first time dealing with OP, the 3T looks awesome.

  13. jakethompson
    Donut Nov 28, 2016

    jakethompson , Nov 28, 2016 :
    I hope so too, and yeah, the 3T looks quite good haha!
    The only other advice i'd give is that though OP customer service is known to not be the best, but whats great is this forum and the never settle mentality coming from the users as well - so rallying or support is great for issues. keep us updated too!

    all the best, time for some sleep now

  14. wendy123
    Froyo Nov 28, 2016

    wendy123 , Nov 28, 2016 :
    Oneplus 3T 64gb gunmetal: dispatch 29th Nov. delivery 6th Dec.
    Sorry OPO you will be remembered and used as back up phone :)

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  15. pergunnar
    Gingerbread Nov 28, 2016

    pergunnar , Nov 28, 2016 :
    From the November 21 post by Steven G titled "Questions Answered! Ordering the OnePlus 3T":

    64 GB – Soft Gold
    Available in late December, in a limited quantity. Users will have the option to sign up for restock notifications.

  16. sQty
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 28, 2016

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  17. YpsiNine
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

    YpsiNine , Nov 28, 2016 :
    All good now, email from OP confirming order and payment. So excited! Thanks again for your help Jake. :)

  18. marykate97
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

    marykate97 , Nov 28, 2016 :
    When I ordered my 3T I paid 16.99 for priority delivery which said it would be here in 3 days. Now my order page in my account says that it wont be shipped until December 29th. Why did I pay for 'priority delivery that's going to take a month??

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  19. pantin
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 28, 2016

    pantin , Nov 28, 2016 :
    No PLN. EURO is from week. Like you see in others countries too.

  20. hynese
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016