random jumps to homescreen

  1. jeroenreimink Cupcake Sep 29, 2018

    jeroenreimink, Sep 29, 2018 :
    I seem to have the same problem, however after some research I noticed that the main reason it happens is when I am watching a video or a stream in landscape mode and then put my phone flat on a table I would close it and go to my homescreen. The problem is so apperent that it is close to replicateable in some situations and can happen 10 times in a row. Furthermore, it can happen in all apps and I also encouter the random closes for in example Whats App.
    Any solution yet?

  2. G_asif_ali_jDWi Cupcake Oct 9, 2018

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  3. SexAndManCity Honeycomb Jan 22, 2019

    SexAndManCity, Jan 22, 2019 :
    Pretty sure it's the accidental touching of the bottom of the screen. With gestures turned on (no on-screen buttons), when replying to messages from the lockscreen (e.g. WhatsApp pop-up notifications) the bottom of the screen behaves like a home button, even without swiping up. I get it constantly when trying to reply to messages. Obviously it doesn't do that when you're in the app itself, the bottom of the screen does nothing unless you swipe up.

    What I do want to know is why in this forum, when you select a word from the auto suggestions, it enters what you have already typed AND the full word from the suggestion, also double spacebar for a full-stop (period) followed by a space actually produces a space followed by a full-stop. It makes for some very odd reading!

  4. Marion58 Cupcake Apr 30, 2019

    Marion58, Apr 30, 2019 :
    Happening with me!!!! Got this phone 3 weeks ago and thought I was hitting a key in error. Happens in Twitter E mail texting. Started to annoy me now. Just been on to chat in support. They are a waste of time. Doesn't matter what you ask they want a screen shot or video. Explained I cannot video it happening! Gave up with them.

  5. OP7guy Cupcake May 19, 2019

    OP7guy, May 19, 2019 :
    Just got the OP7 Pro and this was happening to me on day one. I didn't notice it on the default gboard because I switched to SwiftKey almost immediately. I come from a phone that had hardware buttons, so thought that it must be that I'm tapping the home key by mistake, considering it's a software key now.

    This happens in just about any app where I'm typing. I spend a lot of time typing in slack, email, whatsapp, signal, etc. It drove me crazy enough to come take a look and see if I'm the only one, or if anyone else had the issue with the OP7.

    After reading this thread I realized that SwiftKey has a bunch of customizations that I haven't touched since setting up this phone. So before writing this message, I moved the keyboard up to be about 3mm away from the home button. Considering how much text I'm throwing at this post (somewhat intentionally as a test), it should have happened a couple times, but has not.

    I'd say my issue is solved and that I was simply hitting the home key by mistake. Muscle memory will likely update in time. Hopefully this helps someone.

    Ps. I never had this happen just having the app open. It only happened while typing.

  6. Marion58 Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    Marion58, Jun 14, 2019 :
    This happens to me all the time and I am definitely not touching the home screen. Tap the app and my text is still there and I carry on typing. Happens in all my apps. Very annoying. I'm hoping the latest software update has a fix for this problem. Those saying we are touching the home button are wrong. There is a problem here.o
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  7. merlinpimpim2 Eclair Jun 14, 2019

  8. Marion58 Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    Marion58, Jun 14, 2019 :
    Unfortunately cannot find on 3T parameters etc in Settings

  9. merlinpimpim2 Eclair Jun 14, 2019

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  10. Marion58 Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

    Marion58, Jun 14, 2019 :
    Nothing to do with home button. Just got the 3T and it happens all the time in e mail Twitter WA. Very very annoying. Hoping new software sorts this bug out.