Random music playing when a notification comes for parallel apps via OnePlus 9 Pro Pine Green

  1. M1625326076597 , via OnePlus 9 Pro Pine Green , Oct 21, 2021 :
    I have been facing the issue..when there is a notification or a message to a parallel apps application , instead of notification sound I am getting same random music everytime.. Don't know what's the issue.. initially it was rare but now a days it's for every notification from any app from parallel apps.

    Please look into it ..and provide the solution ASAP.

  2. Nipu_1998
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Oct 21, 2021

    Nipu_1998 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Oct 21, 2021 :
    Is it happening only to the parallel application?
    it might be a setting inside the parallel app to alter the default notification sound for a custom one.
    By the way, which parellel app are you using? The default dual apps?

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  3. M1625326076597 , via OnePlus 9 Pro Pine Green , Oct 23, 2021 :
    It is happening for all the parallel apps. I'm using paytm whatsapp and Linked in in parallel apps with the toggle option 1634967663967.jpg
    . The default parallel app option that was given .. didn't install any external dual apps or parallel apps application.