[Submitted] RCS does not work in OP8 Pro

  1. Chrisfast44
    Donut Dec 14, 2020

    Chrisfast44 , Dec 14, 2020 :
    Cannot get RCS to activate. Using Google Fi. There are over 2 months worth of complaints on your forums. A Google search says it's OS 11. This is your flagship phone right now and nobody from One Plus has bothered to respond to one of the numerous threads requesting help.

  2. Ghazala.Yasmeen
    OnePlus Bug Hunter Staff Member Dec 15, 2020

    Ghazala.Yasmeen , Dec 15, 2020 :
    We have made a note of this and our developer team is currently working on this. We will keep you posted regarding the further updates. We appreciate your support and patience in this regard.


  3. thatdidnthurt
    Froyo Dec 17, 2020

    thatdidnthurt , Dec 17, 2020 :
    Not sure why you posted the same message 16 times - also not sure why you all always give general answers with 0 timeline and very little follow up. I as well as many others have submitted this same complaint and many of them go completely unanswered. Now I am stuck on OS10 because OS11 is broken and you all won't even bother giving us an update. I thought after my horrible support around the OG OnePlus one that in eight years, you may have improved, which is why I gave the OnePlus 8 Pro a chance. I am regretting the decision and am likely going to just sell the phone and go back to a Pixel. At least they work consistently and their support has been great.

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