reading NFC is making my screen do Ghost touches BUG with video


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  1. BrutalisCZ Cupcake Jun 4, 2019

    BrutalisCZ, Jun 4, 2019 :
    I never felt like i had ghost touches, but i use NFC "A LOT" - bcs your NFC magically works with our security system at work ( as the only phone that works - no iphone works, no OP5T / 6T, no samsung note 9)- for opening doors. So instead of a card i can use OnePlus7 Pro.

    Sadly - this does not work on my Security system at home :( . But i can use 1 card at home and the same card at work, but the NFC in phone works only at work.
    Again i am not gonna go into what protocols my reader and the one at work can do - but i can tell you this - it is very strange that OnePlus7 Pro is the ONLY phone in our company that works. We install theese systems as a job and nobody can explain to me why my phone works - it actually should not work.
    But hey, as we say - dont check gifted horses teeth

    Sometimes i felt like i accidentaly opened some apps during the reader reading my phone.
    After checking forums for fun ( i have nothing rly to do ). I tested this and can 100% cofirm that i have no ghost touches at all, but when NFC reader activates its suddenly goes crazy on the top of the screen

    Here is a video with the recreation of the bug (had to make it with 5T sry about quality :p ):
    First time it slide off the card , second time i was precise. It might have been 100 ghost touches in 10 sec. The Weather app is being opened by ghost touching my location in weather widget.

    Screenshot of version of phone in attached files.
    I ordered the phone in the "early bird" thing on may 15 or smtn, shipped from Poland.

    So wakanda magic NFC you have here OnePlus?

    Hope this helps

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  2. BrutalisCZ Cupcake Jun 17, 2019