rear camera issue

  1. Benny sam
    Cupcake Dec 28, 2018

    Benny sam , Dec 28, 2018 :

    my rear is blurry I can't take pictures where as no problem with front camera please fix this problem

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  2. Red Devil 369
    Donut Dec 28, 2018

  3. Tiwi1990
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 28, 2018

    Tiwi1990 , Dec 28, 2018 :
    A lot of people sent their phone to op assistance because they said it is an hw problem
    Try clearing cache and maybe contact op support

  4. G_Sumeet_Prasad_mCMp
    Cupcake Dec 28, 2018

    G_Sumeet_Prasad_mCMp , Dec 28, 2018 :
    Just get gcam, it's Google pixel camera ported to one plus 3t and the quality is amazing!

    OnePlus camera application needs alot of work, had same issue but it was the app in this instance for me.

  5. VikramMohal
    Jelly Bean Dec 29, 2018

  6. RahulEdara
    Froyo Dec 29, 2018

  7. F_Саша_Сирук_RB
    Donut Dec 29, 2018

  8. F_Саша_Сирук_RB
    Donut Dec 29, 2018

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  9. G_SpEeDCubER__NiKa_jcqg
    Gingerbread Dec 29, 2018

  10. Iuliskaya
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 29, 2018

    Iuliskaya , Dec 29, 2018 :
    Nice hack[e]1f44d[/e]

  11. dsaputra
    Froyo Dec 31, 2018

    dsaputra , Dec 31, 2018 :
    Known issue, defective camera module that OnePlus will replace for free regardless of warranty status of the phone (mine was out of the warranty period). I had mine replaced for free after telling them the issue and mentioning that it's a confirmed case of defective module and is not our fault. Their support (emails before going to the service center) will ask you to try a few things, just do them, or in my case, I've already done them all and the issue persists. (different people are saying its not free anymore but try it anyways)

    The only problem is that they can only fix it for us in their official service center. I got lucky because a relative of mine just happened to go to HongKong and I could ask them to help me bring my phone to the service center there. Otherwise, you'll have to send your phone at your own cost. Please be aware that not all service centers belong to OnePlus so you'll need to tell them that OnePlus support has told you that it's a confirmed case that will be fixed for free so they don't have to do anymore checks and get it done fast & not charge you for it.

    Please help to convey this message to others who will, in the future, ask about the same problem because not everyone will do a proper search in the forum before asking.

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  12. karthik oneplus
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 2, 2019

    karthik oneplus , Jan 2, 2019 :
    Took this bug which is as small as lice. And it was in auto focus. You can see the detail of bedsheet threading.