Recap: United by Hope Premiere with Red Cable Club

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    Joel Jacob , Sep 21, 2020 :
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    Hey everyone,

    On Friday, 11th September, we launched the first documentary to be shot on OnePlus devices - ‘United by Hope’, a documentary on humanity’s greatest pause.

    To give you a little background on the documentary, United by Hope features the stories of 12 different individuals – A diverse set of perspectives that talks about how we’re going through a pandemic as a community and more importantly how we can come together with hope for the future.

    Know more here.

    The Premiere
    When we released the documentary on the OnePlus India YouTube channel last week, we also wanted to do something special with Red Cable Club. So we held a premiere – An exclusive screening with members of the cast, the crew and the OnePlus staff exclusively for Red Cable Club members.

    We started with a brief introduction on the documentary and heard directly from our director and creative director on their thoughts behind the concept and production of United by Hope and also about their experience with the OnePlus camera.

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    Following this, we had a special message from the VP and Chief Strategy Officer of OnePlus India, Navnit Nakra who also has worked to develop and grow Red Cable Club in India. Navnit drew parallels between red charging cables and the OnePlus community, andthe emotion of ‘hope’ - both of which bind us together, be in terms of Red Cable Club or as a feeling which unites us in these testing times.

    Right after this, we heard from Siddhant Narayan, the head of marketing at OnePlus India, on the OnePlus perspective behind the documentary. Siddhant spoke about our efforts to bring authentic stories to the forefront and the OnePlus camera being a tool which enables these stories to come out in the most natural manner.

    He proceeded to introduce our first cast member, the former captian of the Indian National Football team and the torchbearer of Indian football, Bhaichung Bhutia. Bhaichung spoke about his experience with the documentary shoot during the pandemic and about his efforts in helping the community around him. It was inspiring to hear from someone who continues to contribute to society in different ways.

    After an interesting segment from Bhaichung, we heard from our very own community moderator, David Woolley aka @keithnyc, who was able to give us a different perspective on the documentary. David sent us his best wishes from halfway across the globe and it was great to hear from him on call.

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    We followed this up with a special segment featuring Siddhant and Kubbra Sait. Kubbra, as most of you may know, is an actor who has played a number of interesting characters that we all recognise. She’s also an amazing host and entertained us with her thoughts and views on the documentary. We learnt about her experience with the OnePlus camera and also about some interesting extra shots she was able to capture.

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    And with that, we set to tune in to the official premiere on the OnePlus India YouTube channel.

    We watched the documentary for 38 minutes and came back to a surprise. Bhaichung Bhutia was back to speak to us about his travels during the lockdown period, his involvement with the community around him and also to give us a general understanding on sports and his contribution. That was an add on we loved to have.

    After we said goodbye to Bhaichung, we heard from two of our documentary heroes. Abrar and Shubham. Abrar who is primarily a motorcyle engineer and a racer started a new initiative to make DIY PPE kits and distribute them during the time of Covid-19. And Shubham, a traveller and a content creator, went out of his way during the pandemic to help stranded foreigners with accomodation and shelter. We heard from them on their work during the pandemic and their point of view on the documentary shoot.

    Our final segment was an interaction with a panel of 5 individuals that comprised of Rahul – the director, Cauvery – the creative director, Siddhant from OnePlus and of course, Abrar and Shubham.

    Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 7.07.26 PM.png

    We used this time to pick up the best questions asked by the community and have them answered by our panel. It was great to individually hear from the cast, the crew, and the OnePlus staff to get an intensive look into the documentary.

    We thank everyone who was able to join the premiere. We will continue to have similar experiences with Red Cable Club so stay tuned!

    United by Hope is now live on the OnePlus India YouTube Channel. You can watch it here at onepl.us/UBH_Live.

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    It was really nice being a part of this great documentary (though I wish I cleaned all that cat hair off my short). LOL

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